Those Wonderful Lads

Lauren, is a superstar. Her dad is the manager, and he makes sure she doesn't make the wrong decisions. Her band and One Direction pair up, and you'll have to see what happens in the book. There are some parts that are shocking, like why would so and so do that? Or what?? Enjoy!


8. Scott

I woke up to a strange place. A strange guy was asleep next to me. Cute. Nice. Brown eyes. My kidnapper.
  "Good morning beautiful," Scott said, laying next to meS
  "Ugh!" I respond.
  "Hey! I'm just keeping my forever lasting girlfriend, a welcome home morning!"
 I got up and opened the door. It hit Scott in the head. I stormed down the stairs into the lobby, and a few people stopped me. I stopped and tried to calm down. The secretary called the police. 
 When they arrived, they asked me a bunch of questions. The leader asked which room he took me to. 
  I showed them and Scott had disappeared. "I don't get it." I thought.
"I want you to rock me, rock me, rock me yeah," went my phone.
  "Hello," I said.
  "Honey how are you? Are you alright? Did he hurt you? It's all over the news." Said Phil
  "I'm fine dad. He took me to our old hotel room. Everyone who has been in here, there finger prints are here."
 "Ok. By the way I didn't send Scott to kidnap you, I would never do that to my only daughter."
  "Thanks dad."
  "Luv? Are you ok?" Said an Irish accent.
  "Niall?" I said into the phone.
  "Turn around and hang up." Said Louis mother.
  "Ok, Ms. Tomlinson, your son is my dearest friend."
  I turned around and hung up. I saw pearly white Adidas shoes, beige pants, a red polo shirt, clear braces, sparkling blue eyes and Blonde-brown hair.
  "Niall!" I screamed.
  "Hey. How are you? Did he give you any drugs?" He asked.
  "I don't think so."
  "Ok. Where is he?"
  "I don't know. He was here, but now he's not."
   "Found him!" Yelled a British voice.
   I saw a glimpse of him. Blue and white strips, brown suspenders, tan pants, and blue converse shoes.
   "Louis!" I screamed.
   "Hi. Does the kidnapper have a buzz cut like Liam?" 
    "Then I did find him."
    Louis led us into the neighbors hotel flats bathroom. He was lying in the bathtub, unconscious.
  "Hey, babe. Wanna kiss?" Scott suddenly said.
  "No!" I yelled.
  "She's with me buddy!" Said Niall.
  "Hey, buddy I didn't know." (Scott)
  "Yes you did Scott! I told you!"
  Niall punched him in the face and broke his nose. It made Scott pass out, again.
  The next time Scott woke up, was when he was in jail. He had a court sentence, at 12:00 sharp, on January 31, 2013.
  Scott was put in jail for the rest of his life until he dies, and he has to do 100 hours of community service. If he finishes all of his hours than he's free to roam, out of jail. 

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