Those Wonderful Lads

Lauren, is a superstar. Her dad is the manager, and he makes sure she doesn't make the wrong decisions. Her band and One Direction pair up, and you'll have to see what happens in the book. There are some parts that are shocking, like why would so and so do that? Or what?? Enjoy!


5. Photoshoot

When I walked on the photo shoot site, Phil had a your here face on.
  "Where have you been?" He demanded.
  "I was talking to uncle Paul, we ran into each other," I responded.
  "Oh. Go get changed."
 I sprinted to my dressing room. My hairstylist and make up artist jumped to there feet, when they saw me. Cynthia put on some light sparkly blue eyeshadow, while Julia did my nail a dark sparkly blue. My dress was a dark sparkly blue, and heels are black. Julia did my hair a messy bun with curly hair and my lips are sparkly too.
   When I walked out Niall had just finished his pictures and all of there jaws dropped like a gorilla about to eat a banana. Niall darted over with a flirty grin on. 
  "Wow, you look...Wow," he said.
  "Thanks." I responded.
  "I love your hair style." 
  "Thanks. My hair stylist took about 20 minutes to do it so."
  "Lauren !" Called the photographer.
 I walked over and got my single pictures taken. Then they called my band, and One Direction. We had to do two group pictures. 
  "Niall, and Lauren, stand in the middle. Niall hand on Lauren's waist. Louis on the other side of Lauren. Liam, and Harry on the boxes next to Wyatt and Andrew. Zayn sit next to Drew and David. Perfect!" Said the Photographer, "one, two, three!" Click click click. Three pictures. Ahh.
  "Next pose! Harry and Zayn next to Lauren. Niall and Louis sit on those boxes in front of Lauren. Liam on the boxes in the back. Wyatt and drew do the same. Andrew and Davis kneel in front of Zayn and Harry. Lauren have your hands on Harry's shoulder. There you go! One two three!" Click click click click click click. Six pictures, wow! I think he went over board with the pictures.
  When they were downloading the pictures to the computer, Niall was keeping me company. Phil kept giving him the evil eye. I shot back a nasty glare. 
  "The Stars and One direction come here please!" Yelled the photographer.
  We chose all of us alone and the best pictures of all of us together both pictures. It was going to be put in a magazine. 

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