Those Wonderful Lads

Lauren, is a superstar. Her dad is the manager, and he makes sure she doesn't make the wrong decisions. Her band and One Direction pair up, and you'll have to see what happens in the book. There are some parts that are shocking, like why would so and so do that? Or what?? Enjoy!


11. Liz

  Niall picked me up at 8:30am because he didn't want to go get Liz alone, concerdering what Harry said. 
  We waited for two hours. Niall went and grabbed Nando's to go.
  "OMG!!!!!!!!!!" We heard a girl scream.
   We turned around and saw a blonde girl running up to Niall. The girl was blonde, she was suppose to be a red head. Niall showed me a picture of Liz. She gave Niall a long kiss.
   "What was that Liz?" Niall demanded.
   "My hello kiss!" She responded. 
   "Hem." I said. 
   "Who are you?" (Liz said rudely)
   "Niall's girlfriend." (Me)
   "Haven't you seen the magazines?" (Niall)
   "What magazine?" (Liz)
    Niall pulled out the magazine I gave him. Liz shook her head no. I saw the exact same magazine sticking out of her bag. Niall saw it and snatched it.
    "What's this?" (Niall)
    "That magazine. I thought if I said no, she wouldn't be here." (Liz)
    "She has a name! Her name is Lauren!" (Me)
    "Well if she wasn't here, then you and I could get back together." Liz said to Niall.
    "You actually went out with her!" I had tears streaming down my face now. 
   I ran before Niall could grabbed my arm. I pulled out my phone and called Louis. 
   While I was waiting for Louis, somebody grabbed my arm. I turned and saw Niall. I quickly slid my arm out of his grasp. 
    "Can't we just talk about this!?" He asked.
     "No!" I exclaimed.
     Louis drove up and I hopped in sobbing. He didn't say anything in the car. He just put his arm on my seat, and called someone.
   Louis helped me get out of the car and into my room. I could barley walk. 
  He set me down on the couch, and I sobbed my entire heart out, for like five hours straight. Louis sat down and put his arm around me and put in Pitch Perfect. 
   It became night time and there was a knock at the door. Louis jumped up and got it. It was only Phil and Louis mother. She shove her hand in his face saying: 
  "Look at my lovely engagement ring!"
  She looked past Louis shoulder and saw me all curled up and sniffling. She walked right over and her heels tapping on the tile floor.
   "Is this what you called about earlier today?" She asked.
    "Yes. Lauren's really depressed," Louis responded.
    "She looks more depressed than her first break up," Phil chimed in.
   They left me alone, and I pretended to be asleep. I heard Niall playing the guitar, because I was sleeping on the couch. Liz was there, and she was bugging him so much, he yelled at her to get out of the room. I heard a noise of her getting up, and she slammed the door.
   Niall knocked against the wall, and slipped a note through this hole that was in the wall. I grabbed it and read it. It said:
       I am deeply sorry about the airport thing. I hope you have forgive me, and we can be friends. Maybe we could get back together. Please respond.
  I grabbed a piece of hotel paper, and wrote a note back. It said:
       We can be friends, but you deeply hurt me inside. I'm not sure we can get back together. I'm sorry.

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