Those Wonderful Lads

Lauren, is a superstar. Her dad is the manager, and he makes sure she doesn't make the wrong decisions. Her band and One Direction pair up, and you'll have to see what happens in the book. There are some parts that are shocking, like why would so and so do that? Or what?? Enjoy!


21. Getting out of the hospital

Lauren's POV: we were in Niall's room, waiting for a nurse to walk in. When one finally did, I ask when Niall could get out. She responded, once he wakes up he can.
  I could tell that the nurse was eyeing my boyfriend, whenever she could. She was like El and I. A super model out of a magazine.
 It's been a few months, and Niall still hasn't woken up. I'm not sure what the solution is to wake him up. I'm getting really impatient. I want to see my boyfriends beautiful blue eyes. 
 Nobody was around, and I was all alone in Niall's room. Mel and Liam were getting lunch from the food court. I decided a way that might wake up Niall.
  I leaned down and kissed him. Not in the cheek, but lips. A few seconds later, Niall opened his eyes. My face light up.
  Liam walked in carrying food, and saw Niall wide awake. 
  "Mate!" He yelled.
  A nurse walked in and saw Niall awake. It was the one checking him out. She smiled. 
  "I'll page the doctor," is all she said.
  Mel walked in and saw Niall. She came over and hugged me.
  "You kissed him didn't you?" She whispered.
  "Yea. I missed his kisses. I couldn't help myself," I responded.
   The doctor walked in, and saw Niall. 
  "Well mr. Horan you will be able to leave in a few days," he told us.
  "Ok," Niall responded.
  Liam handed me my lunch. 
  "Thanks. You got me a turkey on Italian, with provolone, tomatoes, lettuce, and cucumbers?" I said.
  "Yup," Liam responded.  
  I bit down into my sandwich, and watch Niall intensely. He was still breathing slowly, and heavily.  
  The nurse (that keeps looking at Niall) walked in with his food. It was hash, hash, and cottage cheese. 
  "Their you go cutie," she said.
  Liam, Mel, and I all looked at each other. Liam set down his sandwich. He walked out and followed the nurse.
Liam POV: I followed the nurse until she was alone.
  "Excuse me, miss," I said.
  "Yes?" She responded.
  "The patient in room 236, has a girlfriend."
  "Who is that?"
  "The patient Niall. Niall Horan. His girlfriend is Lauren."
  "Oh. Well I always call my patients cuties."
  "Oh ok." I started to walks way when someone grabbed my wrist.
  "But I know your single."
  "No. I'm not."
  "Oh yes you are."
Lauren's POV: Liam came in sprinting in. 
 "What happened?" I asked. 
 "That crazy nurse tried to make out with me!" He exclaimed.
 "What'd you do?" Mel asked.
 "Ran..." He whispered.
                 A few days later...
 Niall was finally out of the hospital. He missed his 20 birthday, but we celebrated it a few days after he got home. He was so happy that he could sing again, and be with everyone he loves.

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