Those Wonderful Lads

Lauren, is a superstar. Her dad is the manager, and he makes sure she doesn't make the wrong decisions. Her band and One Direction pair up, and you'll have to see what happens in the book. There are some parts that are shocking, like why would so and so do that? Or what?? Enjoy!


15. Eleanor

Louis was on the phone again. And I mean AGAIN. He was on it for hours. Niall and I kept sending looks to each other. 
  "What?!? Your coming to town!!! You have to meet my going to be step sister, and you will like her!! I promise!" Louis said into his phone.
   I was trying to read my fashion magazines, since I fell behind in reading them. There was an article about Louis and me. What happened at the last concert.
  Is Louis cheating on Eleanor?? Is Niall and Lauren still together?? Who is ruining these relationships? 
  I started to read the article.
  Louis Tomlinson (21) is seen here with Eleanor Calder on January 22, 2013. They were walking through a park together. Eleanor just coming from a modeling gig, and Louis practice. (You can notice by the clothes) 
  Then Louis is seen here on February 6, 2013  with the pop star, Lauren Chermak. Lauren had tears in her eyes, and Louis was with her. The paparazzi started asking crazy questions, and Louis denied all of them. He guided her back, into the stadium, and Niall led Lauren to the car. 
   Who broke up Lauren and Niall? Is everyone's questions. The world may never know, but we do. Apparently, Niall's cousin is in town. She said that she was he cousin, when she's not. Her real name is Margert Taylor. Elizabeth Sutton's best friend. At the airport, "Liz" kissed Niall in front of Lauren, and denied having the magazine that had came out that day. 
  "Niall read this article," I said.
  I handed him the magazine, and he read it. The face was priceless to see. He grabbed his phone and called someone. He was on the phone for like 5 minutes.
  "My aunt Marsha said the Liz was sick, and asked Margert to be her. That's why Liz asked Harry last year if I was single," Niall said.
  "Oh," I responded.
  Louis was still on the phone. Niall left, because he said he had something to work on. After and hour of Louis still being on the phone. I knocked on the lads door. Liam opened it.
  "Is Niall here?" I asked.
  "No. He had just left to go and get something. He'll be back in like twenty minutes," Liam told me.
  "Ok. May I still come in?"
  I walked in and sat down on the couch. I really had to see what Niall was doing. I know it's wrong, but I really wanted to know.
   "Liam. Where's your loo?" 
   "Down the hall. Next to Niall's room."
   I got up and found the bathroom. Niall's door was open, and I went in. I say a bunch of the songs that they sang. 
  "He must've rewrote them," I thought.
  I read them. Their were a lot of them. More than this, moments, she's not afraid, still the one, live while we're young, rock me, what makes you beautiful, one thing, and little things. I heard the door open at the front, and I rushed to the loo.
  "Hey Niall," said Liam.
  "Hey," Niall responded.
Niall's POV:  I open the hotel door, with the key. Liam was on the couch watching TV. He didn't have it on before.
  "Hey Niall," he said.
  "Hey," I responded.
  "You have a visitor."
  "Please tell me it's not Margert."
  "Nope. Your visitor is in the loo."
  I walked to my room, and saw my music sheets had been spread out. I heard the bathroom door open, and Lauren walked out. She walked straight to the couch. 
Lauren POV:  I felt someone watch me as I walked out of the loo. I'm guessing it was Niall. I just walked back to the couch to finished watching the show.
  About ten minutes later, Niall walked out, and dragged me to his room. I really just needed to clarify if we were a couple again.
  "I'm guessing you were in my room," he said.
  "Yes. I'm sorry. I just really wanted to know why you left in a hurry," I responded.
   "It's ok."
   "So, I came over because I need to know if we are going to be a couple again."
   "Well when we kissed. I felt a lot of sparks," he whispered.
    "Me too," I whispered back.
    Liam walked in and said Louis need us in my hotel room.
  Niall and I left. When we walked in I saw three suitcases, and a Carmel brunette standing their. It was Eleanor! She turned around and saw me.
  "Lauren this is-" Louis started.
   "ELEANOR!!!" I screamed.
   "LAUREN!!" She screamed back.
    "Well I guess I don't have to introduce you two. By the way how do you know each other," Louis said.
    "We were best friends when we were in secondary school." (Eleanor)
    "That was before I moved to Mullingar. Well I should say I lived in Mullingar, then Doncaster, then London, and then back to Mullingar." (Me)
   "No wonder why you look a little British. You have both accents."
   Phil walked in with Jonathan, and Linda walked in with Jenna. 
   "Hello Eleanor how are you?" Asked Linda.
   "I'm good."
   "It's been a long time, Eleanor. How old were you when I last saw you? 10,11,12?"
    "Dad we were 11," I told him.
    Apparently Eleanor was staying for a while. All of her gigs were cancelled for then next few months.
  "Everyone," I said as I stood on the couch. "I have some news. My mother passed away this morning, and that's why we have Jonathan and Jenna. Harold doesn't want to keep his second and third child. Just like he didn't want me."
   I got off the couch and got a hug from everyone. I felt much better.

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