Falling for a Weasley

Autumn has a major crush on George Weasley. During her forth year (she's a Gryffindor) she is always secretly hoping he ask her out or to the Yule Ball. What will happen to Autumn in this Romantic quest of hers?


4. Thank you!

  Today is the day. It's 5:30 and all the girls are fussing over me. Now 5:45... 

  "Okay I need to leave or I'll be late!!" They stopped, they knew how important this was to me," I look beautiful. Thank you girls!"

  "Well you're already beautiful, so it wasn't very hard," Alicia complimented.

  "Thanks Alicia. Well better be off, wish me luck!


Down by the Lake

Autumn finally got down to the late at 6 o'clock sharp, and she saw floating candles, flower petals, and a picnic waiting for her arrival. She also saw a certain red-head sitting by the shore.

  I sat down beside him,"Hey!"

  "Oh, hey!"

  "So where's this 'Transfiguration' homework that you wanted help with? Or were you just asking me out?" I teased.

  "You got me. I just don't really know exactly how to ask a girl out..."

  "I don't blame you. Even I find it hard to understand girs sometimes.Well, let's eat, I'm starving," I told him with a laugh.

  "I agree."

We ate all the food there, including the chocolate strawberries, in which we fed each other. After that, I noticed two cans of silly string, pink and blue, and so, naturally, I grabbed the blue one and sprayed him when he wasn't looking. We had a massive silly string war. George surrendered then pushed me in the lake. I grabbed his ankle and pulled him in. We swam for a while until we remembered that a giant squid lived in the lake, which made us practically sprint out of the water. Towels appeared out of nowhere, and we dried off. Then we both sat down and George got all serious.

  " Autumn, will you go to the Yule Ball with me?"

  OMG I can't believe this!"YES! Yes yes yes yes yes-" Then he kissed me! And I kissed him back! It was perfect, and literally we were kissing for five minutes before broke for air.

  "I love you," he sighed,"I have always had a crush on you, and I've always wanted to ask you out but I couldn't get up the courage to and I was afraid you didn't like me back."

  "I love you, too," I admitted," I have felt the exact same way, except I was always hoping for you to ask me out because, well, girls don't exactly ask a boy out..."

  "WOW! It's already 8! Might wanna get back inside before a any teachers hunt us down! But do you wanna do this again?"

  "If you ask my the proper way!" I told him giggling.

  "Autumn, would you like to go on a date with me?"

  "Of course!" Then we kissed AGAIN!!! Whoops, better leave. I am NOT in the mood to run into Snape.


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