Falling for a Weasley

Autumn has a major crush on George Weasley. During her forth year (she's a Gryffindor) she is always secretly hoping he ask her out or to the Yule Ball. What will happen to Autumn in this Romantic quest of hers?


5. Telling the Girls

  We made it up to our own dorms and I found all the girls sitting on the ground, looking up at me like I was their school teacher or something. I knew just what they wanted to hear though...

  I told them everything, then paused before the part where asked me to the Yule Ball.

  "So, THEN... he asked me to go to the Yule Ball with me!" I barely finished before I was attacked by all the girls. "OMG!" "YAY" "YES YES YES!" were being passed around.

  "But it gets better," they all silenced immediately,"Then we kissed!" I was attacked again. I decided to tell them the rest of the story, then we went to bed.

  The next morning, George and I walked into the hall holding hands. He sat down next Fred and Lee, and I sat with Harry, Hermione, and a very disgusted Ron. Harry and Hermione looked very happy and were smiling.

  "You're lucky. You missed Ron's gab fest about you two being together. If George told everything like you did to he boys, I'm surprised Ron didn't prance in our dorm and kill you." Hermione stated, still looking really happy.

  "Kinda like he thought Sirius Black did last year?" I recoiled.

  "Yup," She said simply.

  This was gonna be so fun. (torturing Ron, that is)


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