singing in my ear

lauren is 19 and is just about to turn 20 her dad asks her what she wants to meet niall horan what will hapen when they meet?


3. wait zayn?

"hey niall" i screamed making him choke on his patatoe chip luckyly i saved him and the food he was chokeing on blurted out of his mouth and landed on a strangers face

niall said "this is my friend zayn i thout you might like him because you ofcourse dont like me after that kiss"

i gave him a look and said to zayn

"ecuse us we need to talk niall come with me" and we went to my room i said "why did you say that" i said. "because you said we couldent kiss and cudle"

 niall said "i said we couldent kiss because it was one day sorry i diddnt mean it like that" and

then i kissed him on the lips then he started pressuring it then liked my lip asking for entrince so i let him and our tounges touched then he said

"do you want to go on a date with me?" "YES!!!" i scremed

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