singing in my ear

lauren is 19 and is just about to turn 20 her dad asks her what she wants to meet niall horan what will hapen when they meet?


10. on the plane

                   *nialls POV*

      even know we were in first class it was HORIBLE because there was a kid behind me and he was kicking my seat i ask him if hr would stop but he diddint stop i saw lauren

trying to go to sleep i saked why she couldent and she said "i cant because im too excited i never been to spain but im soo tierd i need to go too sleep i dont have enough energy""ok then i will sing to you "Niall you dont have to do tha..." i kissed her then said "its ok i

want to" then i satarted to sing i would i saw her eye lids closeing then closeing more and then she closed her eyes 

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