singing in my ear

lauren is 19 and is just about to turn 20 her dad asks her what she wants to meet niall horan what will hapen when they meet?


9. going to the airport

 *one week later*

             i quikly pack my stuff for spain and then i hear a knok in the door ''niall?'' i scream ''yes'' i hear a voice say "then come in" i yell i was slightly  excited for spain i walked down with my suite case 

and said "when does our flight take flight?" i asked" in an hour" niall sayed "THEN WHY DID YOU COME IF IT TAKES OFF IN AN HOUR!!!!!" i yelled slightly upset i went up to my room slightly upset niall followed me up to my room and said "whats rong babe your upset i dont like that" he 

said "im upset because my dad and mom had a fight and thier getting a divorce" i said crying "its ok niall said i been though the same thing its going to be alright" he said then hugged me and kissed my lips he said to me "i love you with all my hart now we have to get to the air port" when 

we got there there was a guy walked up to me and said not noticeing niall "want to have a drink

then some fun" he said winking and then niall got up and punched him in the face making his

nose bleed and then he said "ooh you have a boyfriend well after i deal with him you wont any

more" and then niall punched his face then gut and i could tell he was knocked out then we told

the suceraty and they took him away i said to niall "thank you soo much i am soo proud of you" i said kissing him over and over 

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