Danger is what he's known as. Nobody dares talk to him. He's not like everyone else. But she. She changed him.
(It's not my story. All credit goes to Adriana from justinbieberfanfiction.com)


10. Chapter 9

Kelsey's POV:

"Where are we going?" Justin had his lips pursed to the side in amusement. "I'm impressed shawty. I didn't think you had it in you." Justin leaned off the side of his car, coming face to face to me, that same devious, taunting smirk on his face.

I scoffed. "Well now you do." I shot him a fake smile.

I glanced down, checking him out. I finally came to see what he was wearing and I'm not going to lie, he looked good. He wore a white V-neck with a leather jacket over it, black skinny jeans and black supras. "Checking me out I see?" I looked up to see him looking down at me with a teasing look.

I rolled my eyes. "No." I looked away, embarrassed that he had caught me.

He licked his lips, running his eyes up and down my body now. "You don't look too bad yourself." I glanced down at myself, seeing that I was wearing a pair of skinny jeans with a tank top and sweater over it with a pair of ballet flats.

I didn't know if he was either being serious or just fooling around but I took the compliment anyways, thanking him numbly.

He merely laughed, sending a chill down my spine. "Hop in the car, boo." He nodded back towards his batman mobile looking car. I hadn't even realized until now. He changed his car and I only saw him not even an hour ago.

I was going to ask him where he got it but something inside me warned me not to.

I didn't even realize he was already seated inside his car until he honked the horn to his car, startling me out of my trance.

Justin stuck his head out of the car, his elbow hanging off the window's ledge. "Are you getting in or what?" I glanced at him, his car and my house. It wasn't much of a hard decision to make. Looking back over at him, I walked over to the passenger side of the car. Leaning down to pull the handle, I realized there wasn't any handle to pull. "What's taking so long?" Justin called out through the window. "Shut up! Don't be so loud my parents will hear you and I don't know how to open this thing!" I whisper screamed.

He chuckled. "Just click the side button." I looked down, trying to find the button he was talking about. When I had, I rolled my eyes before opening the door and settling myself inside. "It's about time." He playfully spat. "It's not my fault your car is so difficult!" I hissed in defense.

He smirked, revving up the car before pulling out of the slot it was parked in and moving onto the road.

A few minutes had passed as I hummed to my own beat, drumming my finger tips along the rim of the arm rest placed under the window. I glanced out through the glass, wondering where we were. It was then that I realized I didn't even know where we were going.

"Where are we going?" I turned to look at him.

Justin merely chuckled, shaking his head.

I furrowed my eyebrows together. "What's so funny?" He ignored me. Instead he just kept laughing. Once it died down, he looked at me. "Did you even learn from the last time you asked me?" He glanced back onto the road.

Flashed of earlier today flashed through my mind and I remembered when I had repeatedly asked where he was taking me and like the douche he was, he never answered.

I shrugged. "Nope because I'm still just as curious." I smiled proudly, making him laugh once more.

Sitting back in the leather seat of his car, he propped his left knee under the steering wheel, using it to steer the car while his other leg pressed on the gas. Using three of his fingers from his left hand to hold the steering wheel to make sure it didn't slip out of control, he began digging in the pocket of his leather jacket with his right. Fishing out a packet of cigarettes and a lighter, he slipped one out of the box, layering it between his lips before lighting it up. Taking a few puffs to make sure it was lit, he threw the box back into his pocket.

Sliding the smoke in between his fingers. he hung his left arm off the edge of the wheel, taking his knee off from under. Pulling the cigarette from his lips, he help the smoke in his mouth for a moment before blowing it out into a perfect ring of smoke, instantly hazing the car over.

I shook my head. This kid was going to get usu killed with the way he was driving and the amount of attention he was putting into that damn cigarette.

I'd be lying though if I said I didn't find that hot because I did. I hated to admit it but everything he did was admittedly hot. Much to my dismay of course. It was then that I realized I was in the car with a murderer once again.

Right then, flashed from that night I ever first sat in the same car with him ran through my mind. "How would I know? I'm in a car with a murderer." I rolled my eyes, my arms crossing just above my chest. "Are you going to throw that in my face every single time I open my mouth about something?" He growled lowly, his voice deep and his eyes dark.

I felt my stomach churn in guilt. I guess, I judged him too quickly. I know, he killed someone and was probably one of the most bipolar guys I had ever met in my life, but, I still had no right to judge him because I never knew why he had done what he had.

I guess you can say I was intrigued by him and impressed that he had actually kept his word back at his house when he said he was going to let me go home.

I looked over at him, taking in his every non existent flaw on his face. "What are you looking at?" His shoulders shook from his laughter.

I shook my head. "Nothing." I looked away awkwardly. "You know, you can just take a picture babe. It'll last longer." I simply rolled my eyes.

He grinned, looking back onto the road while taking another drag from his smoke.

If you asked me why I even agreed to go anywhere with him, much less, get in his car, I'd have no answer because, to be honest, I really didn't know why. "I'm taking you out to eat." Justin spoke up once more, referring back to the question I had asked him before while keeping his eyes on the road. I could sense the smile pulling on his lips. "Is that alright?" He ripped his eyes away to look at me.

My stomach churned nervously. "Sure." I shrugged carelessly as if I didn't care but the truth was, I did.

Another thought came to mind and as usual, word vomit took over and I asked before I even got the chance to stop myself. "Is it a date?" I mentally cursed myself once the words flew out of my mouth.

He smirked. "Only if you want it to be, babe."

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