Danger is what he's known as. Nobody dares talk to him. He's not like everyone else. But she. She changed him.
(It's not my story. All credit goes to Adriana from justinbieberfanfiction.com)


19. Chapter 17

Author's note:

I was literally so close to be done with typing this chapter but I was doing it on my phone so of course, something went wrong. My phone just had to notify me that I had 15% left and since I was typing it brought me to the battery use thing. I pressed the back button too much since I was too lazy to stretch my finger down a tiny bit more and ended up losing EVERYTHING I had just typed. Now I finally overcame my laziness to get my laptop which may I mention is making me just as mad. It keeps freezing and soo many ads are popping up. Ugh.

-A very mad girl xoxo

Kelsey's POV:

"Kelsey Anne, get up! You're going to be late for school!" My mom shuffled into the room, her high pitched voice ringing in my ear drums annoyingly.

I groaned, shifting to my side. "No." I mumbled, digging my head into my pillow, hoping to drown her out.

I was not in the mood to deal with the kids at my school, Carly's questions or the boring teachers. I just wanted to sleep being that I had absolutely none at all since my countless encounters with Danger aka Justin. "Kelsey!" She yelled, pulling the blanket away from my body, revealing me to the cold air that surrounded my room.

That didn't work out too much. "Five more minutes, please." I muttered, taking my pillow and stuffing it on top of my head.

Maybe now she'll leave me alone. "Kelsey." She pulled the pillow away, whacking me with it.

Or not... "Jesus, mom!" I snapped my body up, annoyed and tired as hell. "I'm up!" I spat, rubbing at my eyes. "Don't you dare use Jesus' name in vain!" She screeched in a high-pitched voice.

I merely rolled my eyes. I am all up for preaching Jesus' name and staying loyal to my religion but holy damn, my mom can take it to a whole other level.

"You should be ashamed of yourself, Kelsey Anne." She continued on with her rant while shaking her head, muttering incoherent words under her breath. "Get dressed and hurry up, we don't have all day." "I need to take a shower first mom." I stood on my feet, ready to go into the bathroom when she stopped me from walking any further. "No, you will not. Dennis and I do not have time for you to take an hour long shower. We have to go or we'll all be late just because your irresponsible self couldn't go to bed on time." She pointed a finger at me. "Wash your face, brush your teeth, dress up and come downstairs." "But mom, I didn't take a shower since the night--" "you got caught sneaking back into the house?" She faked a smile. "Yeah, well that's not my fault. No one told you to be forgetful or careless." She began walking away. "Oh and don't think you're off the hook yet young lady. I want you to come home right after school. Got it?" "Yeah, whatever." I mumbled, looking away.

She sighed, not wanting to start another argument. "I better see you ready and out the door by the time I put the things in the car." I waved a hand behind me dismissively in her direction while walking into the bathroom. Once I heard the soft click of the door closing behind my mom, I let out an annoyed shriek.

I love my mom but she can be so god damn controlling and annoying sometimes. It's driving me nuts.

Turning on the faucet to the sink, I splashed my face, washing it before brushing my teeth and then drying my face and mouth with a towel. Running a brush through my hair, I cursed my life--it looked disgusting. Thank God it wasn't oily though. It didn't look half as bad as I thought it did but overall it wasn't the most appealing. Throwing it up into a messy bun, I exited the bathroom.

Walking into my closet, I pursed my lips, wondering what I was going to wear. Deciding on a simple pair of black skinny jeans, white thick-strapped tank top and a plaid red and black button down, I slipped on a pair of flats to complete the look before searching around for my bag.

When I found it, I flung it around my shoulder, just about ready to leave the room when I glanced at myself in the mirror and noticed I had bags under my eyes.


Dropping my bag to the ground, I rushed into the bathroom where I began fumbling through the drawers trying to find cover up. When I did, I dabbed it under my eyes, layering my eyelashes with mascara to look like I was somewhat alive.

Proud at my masterpiece, I walked out and over to my bag. Draping it around my shoulder once more, I left my room and ran down the stairs where the front door was open. Looking around, I came to the conclusion that my mom and brother left the house already.


Walking out of the front door while closing it behind me, I was relieved to see that my mom was in the car with Dennis. Thanking God that she didn't leave and I wouldn't have to walk, I was about to walk into the passenger side when I saw my brother seated there already. "What the hell?" I lowly screamed. "That's my seat you twerp! Get up." "No." He stuck his tongue out like a child. If I could punch him without getting in trouble, I would. "Get. Up." I seethed through gritted teeth. "Oh hush up Kelsey and get in the car." I snapped my head up to see my mother looking at me with beady eyes.

My mouth gaped open. "This is so not fair!" I stomped my foot to the ground. I don't care if I was the one acting like a child now. She always treats him better than me and since I got in trouble she treats me like I'm scum and he's the most innocent thing in the world.

Ha, imagine if he was though?

Groaning, I opened the back door, slipping myself inside before slamming the car door shut causing my mom to gawp at me incredulously. "Kelsey Anne--" She began before I put a hand up. "I know, I know. I shouldn't have slammed the door. Blah, blah, can you drive now?" I spat. She stared at me with wide eyes, opening her mouth to say something before she shut it, looking forwards. Shaking her head in disbelief, she began to back out of the driveway.

Okay, I know that was harsh but I couldn't stand her anymore. It was either I shut her up or she'll continue through the whole car ride and I was already not in the mood so to hear her ranting for a good half hour was enough to drive me up the wall and fully lose it.

Looking out the window, I sighed, wanting to get this day over with already. Just when I thought I was about to fall asleep from how long it was taking her to get to school, the back door flew open almost causing me to fall out. "What the--" I looked up to see Dennis. "What is it?" I hissed. "We're here." He nodded his head over to his right. I looked in that direction, seeing my school come into full view in front of my eyes. "Oh." I mumbled. "Sorry." I stepped out.

He nodded his head, closing the door shut after I got out. "Listen Kels," He rested his hand on my arm.

I sighed, looking over at him. "I know man can be annoying but she cares. Okay? So don't be so mean to her." Sometimes I think my brother got trapped in a sixteen year old body.

I bit my lip, taking in what he said before looking away and over towards my mom. She looked torn, a bit upset and overall disappointed. I looked down. "You're right." I let out a deep breath while pinching the bridge of my nose. "I shouldn't have been so nasty to her.." "Just be nicer next time. I know she can be annoying and over-protective but she means well, right?" I licked my lips. "Right." He smiled. "Well, I'll see you later." He turned to get back into the car before he stopped and looked at me. "I didn't tell her about last night by the way." I grimly smiled. "I know, thanks."

He bowed his head. "No problem." And with that he got back into the car before my mom pulled away and onto the street where she drove away.

Watching the car disappear, I sighed for about the millionth time that day. Biting the skin on my lip, I turned, beginning my journey to school.

Just as I made it inside and over to my locker, Carly made her way next to me. "Hey, hey, hey!" She grinned.

I smiled. "Hey." "What's up girl?" She dragged out 'girl' in a high-pitched, Barbie fake voice. I stifled a laugh.

Shrugging, I looked at her. "Just got here, really." I put the combination in my locker before opening it and stuffing my things inside, pulling the books I needed out. "What happened with your mom when I left?" She stared at me curiously. "Nothing. She just told me that I'm grounded and told me that no one's allowed over." I slammed my locker shut, turning, with Carly following and walking down the hallway with her by my side. "Oh, that sucks." She slumped her shoulders. "I was hoping to come over today so we can hang out." She pouted her lips. "I'm officially a prisoner this whole week so that's a no can do." I frowned. Just the thought of going back home and doing nothing made me cringe. "Why did you get grounded anyways?" She looked at me with a questioning gaze. "You never told me back at your house and I never really got the chance to ask." "My mom caught me sneaking back into the house." I sighed. "How did she even find you coming in?" "I was stupid and went through the front door. It was three in the morning, I didn't think they'd be awake." "True but, wait.. What?" Carly stopped in the middle of the hallway. "I thought you left the party early?" I gave her a weird look. "I did.." "Then how did you come home at three? We got there at ten and when you left was around midnight.." She furrowed her eyebrows together.

I bit the inside of my cheek, abruptly stopping me from cursing out loud. Mentally though, I cursed my life to the fullest. "Right.." I looked away, trying to think of something to tell her. I couldn't exactly say I was with Justin. She'd shit a brick and he'd kill me. "Well, you see.. I was hungry so I stopped by a diner to get something." "Why didn't you just make something at home?" She continued walking down the hallway once more as I followed close behind. "Well, I didn't want to make noise when I got home to wake them up." She giggled, shaking her head. "And you said I was the crazy one." I looked at her, wondering what she was talking about.

Noticing my confused gaze on her, she laughed. "You know for peeing in the forest." She scratched the back of her neck, awkwardly looking away. "That is crazy!" I laughed. "What I did isn't even close to being as crazy and retarded as what you did." I shook my head. "Hey! It was dire emergency!" She giggled. "Well so was my need for food!" I laughed along with her.

Just as I was about to say something else, the bell rang, indicating that we had to go to class. Rolling my eyes, I faced Carly. "Stupid bell." I muttered.

She laughed. "I'll see you later, okay?" I nodded, giving her a hug before we both went our separate ways. Humming to my own beat, I was just about to turn the corner of the hallway when I was pulled in the opposite direction. Pushed up against the wall, I gasped. "What in the world?" I looked up, my eyes widening in seconds. "Miss me?" Justin smirked.



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