Danger is what he's known as. Nobody dares talk to him. He's not like everyone else. But she. She changed him.
(It's not my story. All credit goes to Adriana from justinbieberfanfiction.com)


12. Chapter 10

Kelsey's POV:

Finally, after what felt like hours, the car came to a stop once it slid into a parking slot. Looking out the window, the bright words of "Perry's Palace" beamed despite the sun rays flowing all around.

How was that possible? I had no idea.

Unclasping the seat belt from across my body, I turned to look a Justin. I scrunched my eyebrows together in confusion.

Were we going to leave or?

Feeling my eyes on him, he turned to look at me. "What?" He spat and to think he was finally being un-bipolar...

I fought the urge to roll my eyes. "Are we going or not?" I mumbled. If I could punch him freely without having to pay the consequences after, I so would. "Yeah," He ducked down, pulling the key from the ignition before stuffing it into his pocket and opening the door, the cigarette he'd been smoking hanging from the side of his lip.

Sighing, I opened the door, stepping out before shutting it a bit harder than I wanted. "Watch it," He growled. "That car cost more than everything you own put together." I cocked a brow up. "Good to know," I sarcastically muttered, digging my hands into the pockets of my sweater.

He gave me a side look. "Attitude," He warned with a wag of his finger in my direction.

I now rolled my eyes. "Whatever." I looked away.

He took the smoke, throwing it to the ground before grinding it with the sole of his shoe. Cocking his head to the side, towards the diner, he began walking, expecting me to follow behind.

I did, much to my dismay.

Once we arrived inside, we began walking to the back of the diner when his body collided with another which caused mine to knock into his back. I groaned, rubbing my forehead. "What the f--" I began to curse when I stopped midway, feeling the air between us thicken once I came to realize the other guy standing there.

He was tall, about an inch taller than Justin, if not the same height. He had dark brown hair patted down with a buzz cut and electrifying green eyes. Ones that could hypnotize you with just once glance into them. He had a bit of a muscular build to him and an ass to die for.

Embarrassing to admit this but his was even better than mine.

So not fair.

I pursed my lips to the side, looking between both him and Justin and instantly I felt the tension. "Danger," The guy seethed with a smirk. "Fancy seeing you here, eh?" "Not now." Justin spoke through gritted teeth, his voice low and deadly and for a moment there, I could have sworn I saw death flash in his eyes.

The hairs on my arms rose almost immediately. "When will the time be, mate? When you've got your goons on your ass?" He straightened his posture, his body pressing even closer to Justin's to look even more intimidating.

He would have if Justin didn't walk even closer, closing the gap between them, his eyes turned to sleets and the veins in his neck showing.

Justin faked a laugh. "Me and you both know I could rip you to shreds with my bare hands." He dropped his voice down to a whisper.

A few exchanges of dead given words were spoken before the guy walked away and Justin grabbed my elbow, walking down the aisle towards a seat for the two of us to sit in.

Pulling out of his grasp, I slip into the patted leather across from him. Once he sat down across from me, I noticed the tightening of his jaw and the white of his knuckled the moment he laid his fists on the table. "Who was that?" I whispered, not wanting to pull at a nerve of his. The last thing I wanted was for him to get even angrier than he already was. "Just someone I did business with." He numbly replied, not getting into any detail.

I bit my lip, not wanting to push the subject any further.

I looked up in time to see a worker who I presumed to be taking our orders, walking over to us. "Hello, can I get you guys anything?" She peered at us with big eyes, a huge smile on her lips.

I shot her a soft one in return. I didn't even have to look at the menu, I already knew what I wanted. "I'll have chicken fingers with french fries please." I could feel my stomach growl already in hunger.

Justin chuckled, nearly choking on his spit.

I shot him a quick glare.

He quickly died down to a snicker, turning his attention back over to the waitress. "I'll have a cheeseburger with a side of curly fries." He shot her his utmost famous grin.

Blushing, she walked away.

I rolled my eyes. "Manwhore." I mumbled. "What was that?" Justin pushed out his head, laying a hand to his ear.

I arched a brow, my lips pursing. "I said you're a manwhore." I shot him a fake smile. "Did you hear me now?" He chuckled. "How am I a manwhore?" "Because you don't go flirting with a girl right in front of your date! That's just plain ru--" "Whoa, whoa, whoa shawty," Justin put his hands in front of him to stop me from speaking.

I gave him a look of exasperation. "Who said this was a date?" He gave me a side look, a smirk curling on his lips.

My cheeks instantly heated up. "Well, you, I, but--" I groaned. "never mind." He merely laughed quietly, shaking his head.

Was it possible to hate someone in the mere moment of a second?


Well I guess this is a new record because I felt like bashing his face in with my fist.

We sat in silence for the rest of the time it took until the waitress came back with our food. Once she settled them in front of us, with a glass of water for the each of us, she walked away.

That's right, walk away bitch. I secretly muttered in my head.

Grabbing a fry, I threw it in my mouth before grabbing another and then another and before I knew it, I was almost done with them.

Justin shook his head, a knowing grin on his lips.

I sighed, dropping a fry I had picked up. "What's so funny now?" He laughed at how angry I was getting which made me even more annoyed than I was before. "You're so annoying." I crossed my arms against my chest. "I'm sorry, it's just...  I can't believe you ordered fries and chicken fingers!" He laughed. "I used to eat those when I was five!" He burst into another fit of laughter.

Okay, bro. It's not that funny. I simply rolled my eyes for the hundredth time that day.

Ignoring him was the best option at this point.

I went to grab another fry when I saw he had fries himself. "You are such a hypocrite!" I pointed at him vigorously.

"What?" He gave me a look of confusion. "You ordered fries too!" I pointed at them.

He shook his head. "Nah, those are curly fries. So much different than regular fries." "What? No they're not! They may be formed differently but they are still fries!" He waved a hand dismissively. "Not to me, they aren't." I simply calmed myself down before I went all crazy on the kid. The last thing I needed was to be arrested for murder.

Chewing on a piece of chicken, it wasn't until I drank my water that I realized Justin had barely touched his food. "Hey," He looked up at me. "Aren't you going to eat?" I furrowed my eyebrows together, taking another bite of a french fry. "I'm not hungry." He replied monotonously with a shrug of his shoulders.

Men and their lack of words: one of the most annoying things ever. "Then why did you order?" I gave him a puzzled look.

He licked his lips. "Because I thought I was hungry. Listen, are you done?" He pointed to my plate.

I slowly looked from him, to his finger to my plate before looking back at him.

"I--" "Good." He cut me short before standing up and digging through his jeans where he pulled out his wallet. Grabbing a few bills he tucked it under my glass of water. Turning he grabbed my wrist, pulling me out of the booth.

I groaned. "What's the rush, bro?" I gave him a look of disbelief but he merely shook me off, walking out of the diner and over to his car. "Earth to Justin!" I said a little louder.

He snapped his head to look at me. "What?!"

"I wasn't done eating back there." I whined like a five year old. I know, that's embarrassing but could you blame me? I haven't eaten since, well, forever! "So? I'll get you something on the way back." He got into his car after releasing my wrist.

Sliding into the passenger seat after finding that God forsaken button that opened the door, I closed it shut next to me. "On the way back where?" "Sit back and buckle up. I don't have time for your annoying ass questions." He muttered while turning on his car and pulling out of his parking spot.

I did as I was told, laying back against the leather seat. I was desperate to ask him what he meant by that and what he was doing but I knew that would only get me nowhere but on his bad side so I kept my mouth shut-- for once in my life.

After a few minutes, twists and turns around the neighborhoods, Justin finally drove the car to a halt.

Furrowing my brows, I looked out to see he had stopped in front of an old run down beaten warehouse.

I didn't know if I should either,

a) Be scared.

b) Run away when I get the chance.

Or c) Wait to see what in the world he's got planned.

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