Son Of Kronos

Chase NightShade was always an Outsider, loner, bullied in school. Until his 14th Birthday when strange things started happening. Monsters. Many Monsters came after him until one day Annabeth Chase found him and brought him to Camp Half Blood to determine and seek his destiny. (Sorry bout that description xD not that great i know but the story will be better than the description i promise xD) The trailer just explains a little bit about what this fanfiction is based off of just incase you didnt read the books.


4. To the claiming!

Leo's POV:

 I Headed to bunker 9 to craft his weapon. A great craftsmen must make the weapon based off one's personality.

"Hmmmm." I think to my as I enter the forge. "This sword will be like no other."

I get to work and pulled out tools from my magic tool belt.

Chase's POV:

I was walking around camp and looking at cabins. People would give me a dirty look as they walked by. Yep. Feels like I'm at school. I stop in front of this hot pink, and white colored cabin. 

"Aphrodite?" I guessed.

"Yep." said a girls voice behind me. I Turn around to see this Beautiful girl. She had brown hair and eyes, and looked somewhat Indian.

"Im Piper McLean." She says

"Hey I'm Chase NightFire."

"New here?"

"Yep." I reply.

"Cool, cant wait to see you get claimed in about an hour."She walked into the cabin and looked back and waved at me. 

"Hey Chase!" 

I turned around and saw Leo running towards me, but this time dirtier.

"Hey Leo, done already?"

"Dude its been like 4 hours." Leo replied. I peered into the Aphrodite cabin and studied the clock. And it was already 8 pm. Its like I made time go quicker.

"Oh..." I said.

"Yeah well here's your sword!" He said happily while handing me a small pocket watch.


"A watch?" I asked.

"Yeah, press the button on top of it."

I clicked the button and it turned into a black, 3 foot long, stygian iron sword.

"Woah..." I said as i looked at my reflection in the sword. I clicked the button again and it turned back into a normal pocket watch.

"Its weird my necklace looks exactly like this." When I was 7, right before my mother abandoned me, she gave me a  gold chain with a pocket watch on the end of it. She said it reminded her of my father." I never took it off since.

"Oh..." said Leo.

"Thanks man, this is awesome."

"Oh no problem!" He said and walked to the campfire. I put the pocket watch in my pocket and headed to the claiming. At last. I get to find out who my father is.

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