Son Of Kronos

Chase NightShade was always an Outsider, loner, bullied in school. Until his 14th Birthday when strange things started happening. Monsters. Many Monsters came after him until one day Annabeth Chase found him and brought him to Camp Half Blood to determine and seek his destiny. (Sorry bout that description xD not that great i know but the story will be better than the description i promise xD) The trailer just explains a little bit about what this fanfiction is based off of just incase you didnt read the books.


5. Son of Who?!

Chase's POV:

I walk to the campfire where all the campers were sitting with their cabin members. Annabeth and this black haired guy with green eyes came and stood next to me. 

"I am Percy Jackson, hosting the claiming with Annabeth." "Would you like to introduce yourself?" Percy asked me.

"I'm Chase NightShade." Percy shook my hand.

"Ok so now we wait until your parent claims you." Said Percy. We stood there for a couple minutes and everyone seemed to grow bored. I Look up, and everyone was just staring at me. I look over my head, and their was a clock. Just a clock. and without noticing, my eyes changed to gold again.

Percy's POV:

Me, Annabeth, and just about the whole camp just stared at him and the clock over his head. His eyes turned gold, and in a second, I drew Riptide, and Annabeth got her knife.

"Everyone get to your cabins, Grover, get Chiron!" I yelled loudly.

Chase's POV:

"Wh-what did I do?!" 

My eyes kept glowing gold. and I kept my hand in my pocket, on my pocket watch. Chiron ran into the scene.

"Oh dear Gods." Chiron Said.

"WHAT DID I DO?!" I yell. I began to get very angry, but stopped myself from attacking.

Chiron's POV:

"Come with me child." I said to Chase.

"Why?!" He grabbed out his pocket watch but didn't click it.

"COME WITH ME!" We walked to the big house into my office where we sat.

"What did I do wrong, and why is there a clock over my head?!" He asked

"A Demi-titan...."

"A what?!"

"Now child, i know you are not going to take this well, but you need to be killed for the goo of the camp."


Chase's POV: 

I clicked my watch and it turned back into a sword. Chiron raised his club to me and was about to strike me over the head. I ducked under, kicked him down, and help my blade to his neck.

"I cant let you do that." I turned around, and there was Percy, Annabeth, Leo, and Piper. I took my blade from his neck and lowerd it. 

"Look i'm really sorry, its just my instincts."

"You have to leave Son Of Kronos." Said Percy.

"Son of Kronos? Lord of Time?!" 

"Yes, hence the clock...."

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