Son Of Kronos

Chase NightShade was always an Outsider, loner, bullied in school. Until his 14th Birthday when strange things started happening. Monsters. Many Monsters came after him until one day Annabeth Chase found him and brought him to Camp Half Blood to determine and seek his destiny. (Sorry bout that description xD not that great i know but the story will be better than the description i promise xD) The trailer just explains a little bit about what this fanfiction is based off of just incase you didnt read the books.


6. Give Me A Chance.

"Please, Just give me a chance!" I pleaded. "I wont harm anyone, I promise!"

"It wont be too long until He gets to your head." Percy said coldly.


"Your so called father."

"I wanna be on YOUR side, please!" I began to sound a bit too desperate, so the begging came to a close. Its just time to face the facts. My eyes turned gray again.

Percy Annabeth, Leo, and Piper all looked at eachother. Percy finally nodded.

"Fine, Kid." Percy said. "Chiron, what do you think?"

"Well as long as we keep that boy's Father from talking him into some shananigans about joining the titans, I think he will be useful to us." Compromised Chrion.

"Thank you, Thank yo all so much!"

"But where are we going to put you...." Asked Piper tilting her head. "There isn't a Kronos cabin..."

"He shall stay in the Hermes Cabin until further notice." Chiron answered.


"Yes Chiron"

"Get this boy some swords training, and try to help him learn about his unique ability."

"Gotcha Chiron, First thing tomorrow."

"Cool, Sounds like a plan." I nodded

"Well, it is getting pretty late. Maybe we should all get some rest. It's been a long night." Suggested Piper. I let out a long yawn and everybody laughed. I just couldn't hold that in for much longer. We all thought Piper's suggestion was resonable and we headed to our cabins.

And let me tell you, the Hermes cabin, not fun at night. Half of them were up playing poker with drachmas. Pretty loud poker. The rest were doing something else like arguing, or having some crazy pillow fight.

I had a dream. -DREAM COMMENCING-

I was in some sort of dark alley way or something. I saw a shadow, so i quickly hid behind a near by trashcan. I peeked over and saw a young man with a scar over his eye, his sandy blond hair in a quiff, and he has gold eyes, just like I do sometimes.

If THAT'S my father, he have took over some other poor demigods body. I think he saw me. I pulled back my head and closed my eyes. 

"I know you're there." He walked closer to the trashcan I was hiding behind.

"Show yourself boy." Bravely, I stood up and approached him, I put my hand in my pocket, but my watch wasn't there. 

"You looking for this?" He held in front of my face, my watch that Leo had made me.

"Ar-Are you my father?"

"Indeed my boy." "The only way I can contact you is in your dreams."


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