Son Of Kronos

Chase NightShade was always an Outsider, loner, bullied in school. Until his 14th Birthday when strange things started happening. Monsters. Many Monsters came after him until one day Annabeth Chase found him and brought him to Camp Half Blood to determine and seek his destiny. (Sorry bout that description xD not that great i know but the story will be better than the description i promise xD) The trailer just explains a little bit about what this fanfiction is based off of just incase you didnt read the books.


1. About Chase NightShade

                                                                 I Am Chase NightShade

                                                                      I am 14 Years Old

                                  I have dark brown hair and grey eyes. I usually wear a grey beanie.

                                                   My mother abandoned me when I was 7.

                                            Usually bullied, and teased because I am different.


                                           I look somewhat like this. (got this pic from internet XD)


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