New girl

Have you seen the new girl ?

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New girl 

My alarm goes off and I moan. 

"Ugh I don't even want to go"I shout through the house making sure everyone new how I felt about moving to England. I don't really see the fascination with moving. I love la it's amazing so what do we have to leave. Oh that's right because the bitch I call my mother. She gets to stay here whilst me and my two brothers dan and matt have to move to our farther's  house somewhere in Cheshire. Great not even London. Cheshire. Where even is that. 

I decide I should have a shower because it a long flight. I get out of bed and walk over to my bathroom and turn the shower in waiting for the water to warm up. I look at my reflection In the mirror and realise I forgot to take yesterday's make-up off. 

"great and now I'm  going to have a breakout" I quickly hop in the shower and wash my hair and scrub my body down. I jump out because I don't want to get really wrinkly. I run over to my dresser and grab some cream so I dot get all crusty. After I cream down I grab the last pair of panties and a bra and put them on then I grab some joggers  and a black t-shirt and brush through my dark brow hair. I add some black eyeliner on my top lid and around the bottom then add some mascara and rub on some Chapstick. I pull on my fluffy ugg slippers because it is half 3 in the morning. I take some vans to change into when we get there I grab my iPhone , I pad and my two suite cases. I see matt the stairs and I shout down to him.

" MATT CAN YOU GRAB MY OTHER CASE PLEASE" I snigger as i hear dan curse.

"Why the fuck do you have to be so loud for" he rubs his eyes and then realise's  me and matt are dressed and runs to get changed.

"So are you looking forward to going" matt asked as we walk down the stairs.

"Not really doesn't it always rain in England" I always see people tweet about how bad the Weather was.

"Oh I think it will be cool, like a fresh start " I sigh and nod "look who's finally here" matt says whilst laughing.

"Shut up git" dan says back. 

"Dumb-asses" I say under my breath. 

"Right do you all have everything" says mother "because its going on eBay if you leave it" oh what a lovely  mother I have.

"Yes mother" we all say at the same time and look at each other in amazement.

Matt looks out the window "cabs here" I grab my ruck sake with my food and stuff I'm taking on the plain and my suitcase with the other. 

"Matt will you get my other case" I say extending the last word.

He sighs "get in the cab" I laugh and bound toward the door.

"Bye" I say quite bitterly. My mothers never really took an interest in me , we'll only to say how pathetic I was. I'm glad we get to leave. I hate her.

My brothers bid her goodbye. They just give her a stern nod and walk out. I think it's safe to say we all hate her. I'm glad I have brothers like matt and dan. Usually people hate there brothers but its different with us. All we really ever had was ourselves. Matts 19 and has a blond quif he was quite a ladies man here in la. Dan is 18 and has  brown hair like me. He doesn't really do much. Although he is extremely funny. And that leaves me , Kate I'm 17 I have dark brown hair and light blue eyes. Me and my brothers all have blue eyes. And bye blue I mean baby blue that's how people would tell we're related. It's all in the eyes. 

We get to the airport I actually put my rucksack on probably and pull my two cases. The. Boys grab there's and we walk into the airport. I sigh and turn around looking  at a dark la. 

"Bye" I whisper Into the warm morning air.

We get through security and have 15 minutes until we board so we just go and wait at our gate.

The gate opens and we make our ways to our seats. Th order of the seats goes dan,me and then matt in the end. We take of and I find myself drifting to sleep.

"Bye America" I say as I does off.




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