Dear Grandpa

Symphony, an incredibly sensitive 14 year, loses her grandpa just before starting high school. The only thing Symphony has left of him is a diary that he had set aside for her, since she was 6 months old. Shortly after her grandpa's passing, Symphony receives the diary and she holds onto her grandpa as she writes inside it.


2. Chapter 2: A World Inside My Heart

Dear Grandpa,
I'll start from where I left of from yesterday. Shortly after, I decided that there was no point in believing that you were not here because something told me that you still existed, maybe not on this planet but in my heart. Then, I forced myself to smile and that made things a lot better but I felt like everything still was not resolved, even though my mind said it was. This is when I realized that I have a heart and even when the mind tries not to worry, the heart always worries, cares, and pretty much controls your body. Realizing this helped me accept the fact that you are not on earth,but you are in my world- a world inside my heart. This world is inside my heart but also inside this beautiful diary you gave me. I can never thank you enough for leaving me this beautiful, antique diary and the heartwarming message you wrote on it. Just in case you forgot what you wrote, here's the message "Dear Symphony, I am so lucky to have you in my life. Even though we haven't quite gotten to know each other  yet, I'm pretty sure we will share great memories. You are currently 6 months old and you are my first grandchild and you will always have a very unique place in my heart. You might be thinking what I mean by unique well, I mean that no one could never ever replace you and take your special spot. All I ask for you to always remember that and remember your old man, even when he gets grumpy and too wrinkly to handle! This diary will be handed to you when it is time and if you have it, it's time. - Grandpa :) p.s. You'll never be alone because you ALWAYS have me."  I guess 14 was the right time then huh? This was so sweet of you and guess what? Tomorrow you will get to know how I really got the diary, so get excited while I go and get some rest.


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