Dear Grandpa

Symphony, an incredibly sensitive 14 year, loses her grandpa just before starting high school. The only thing Symphony has left of him is a diary that he had set aside for her, since she was 6 months old. Shortly after her grandpa's passing, Symphony receives the diary and she holds onto her grandpa as she writes inside it.


1. Chapter 1: The Call

Hello Grandpa,
I know this may not actually be you, but to me this is's kind of the only connection I have left to you. Life has been really hard since you left, and I still find it hard to believe that you do not breathe the same air as me anymore. When the phone rang, I had just woken up and I was thinking of this dream I had. The dream was actually about you; it was about you and I playing in your backyard filled with thousands of beautiful Hibiscus flowers. I also felt younger, I felt as if I was 5 again and it sure was the best feeling ever. your wrinkly hands softly gripping my waist, you lifted me high up and let me pick some of your extravagant, bright red flowers. Then, you carefully put me back down and gently placed two flowers at the top of my two, dark brown pigtails, and we both slightly smiled.  Suddenly, I heard a noise; it was the call, but I did not know that yet. I heard my mom pick up the phone and say something; but I couldn't quite figure out what she was saying, since she was kind of mumbling and whispering.I remember slowly sitting up on my bed, and waiting for my mom to come and tell me some sort of news. I heard really slow footsteps making its way into my room, and I knew something bad had happened; my mom was walking slowly, she only walks slowly when there's a bad news she has to tell. She gently opened the door and said, "You're grandpa is dead, Symphony. He got a heart attack and it was too late to...well, do anything." I could not believe it, I felt like I was going to black out, and I felt like the time was going a million times faster. Finally, I turned to my mom and I saw that she was in even more pain than I was. I saw tears streaming down her big, brown eyes ,but she somehow  maintained a slight smile on her face; I could tell that she was trying to stay strong but it just hurt too much. Then, I slowly turned to my mirror opposite me, and saw that my eyes and facial expressions were very similar to hers; we were both feeling the same way and we both wanted to make each other feel better. Well Grandpa, I got to go and get some sleep because my eyes keep shutting so I will tell you rest tomorrow.

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