Scarlet Hewitt has been in this school for three years (one more year to graduation, baby!) without too many incidents- but when twin brothers turn up in her senior year, things might get a little crazy...


3. Three

The morning passed in a haze of classes, book requirements and gossip. Chloe had to go to an orchestra meeting at lunch- honestly, that girl and her clubs- so I was sitting at our normal table at lunch. 

I wouldn't say Chloe and I were popular, exactly, but we do have a place at the table where everyone who was anyone ate, and we get on okay with everybody- and I'm okay with that. After all, who wants to sit with the geeks? They must sit there discussing Pythagoras theorem or something.  Sad.

I was in the middle of a fascinating conversation about who hooked up with who over the summer when someone stopped right across from me, leaning against the table. With my eyes, I followed the jeans to the tight sleeveless shirt to the face to the hair and smiled pleasantly. Leather Boy had his hands stuffed in his pockets and was looking directly at me. "Alright, Ginger?"

The smile slid from my face, but just for a moment. "Alright, Leather?" I shot right back, and he laughed as he pulled the seat out. "That's original. You are without a doubt the first person to ever call me that. Congratulations."

I would have come up with a savage, biting remark in only four minutes if Marcel hadn't interrupted us. He tapped Leather's shoulder. "Um, Harry..." 

So that was his name then. Harry. Suited him, somehow.

"Marcel, I told you, go sit somewhere else." Leather Boy's hands clenched into fists and he looked like he was forcing them to relax. Everyone was watching the two new additions to our table, and some snickered as Marcel seemed to stoop even more. "I... okay."

I saw a perfect way to annoy Harry, better than any comeback I could have come up with.

I pulled the chair next to me, the one I was saving for Chloe, out from underneath the table.

"Sit here. It isn't like there's no room, right?" I aimed the last word at Harry, narrowing my eyes at him. His lips tugged into a smirk and he shrugged. "Whatever suits."

"Oh, thank you." Marcel sagged into the seat, dropping his folder- yes, the boy carried a folder- onto the ground and taking out his lunch. "It's so hard to get a seat around here, let me tell you..."

"Marcel." Harry's clipped, rough voice cut him off mid-sentence. "No one cares."

There were more chuckles as Marcel's face turned red. "I... um..."

"Am I late to the party?" Chloe asked breezily as she smoothly sat down next to Harry. His fists clenched again, almost absently, and I frowned down at them. Boys didn't have that reaction to Chloe, especially when she deigned to sit beside them. And what was his deal with Marcel? Like, the guy was a geek but he wasn't that bad- maybe he was embarrassed. 

Curiosity being my worst trait, I firmly resolved to find out.

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