Scarlet Hewitt has been in this school for three years (one more year to graduation, baby!) without too many incidents- but when twin brothers turn up in her senior year, things might get a little crazy...


1. One

"Oh, my god, Scar, your hair!" 

The high pitched squeal of my best friend Chloe tore through the noise of the hallway- you could hear that accent anywhere. I grinned and turned around, holding my arms out for a back-to-school hug- sure, I'd only seen her, like, yesterday, but she was my best friend! 

Chloe crashed into me and we almost fell onto the floor, but we were pushed upright by the other pupils pushing their way through the hallway. "Your hair!" She repeated, and I grinned, pushing my hand through my wavy hair that until the day before had been bright red- now, it was bright red with a blonde dipdye. "What do you think? I thought it was a bit bright..."

"No, hun, it's beautiful, it goes so well with your hairband!"

Uh, yeah, I have a thing for flower crowns- well, headbands. I smiled at my best friend, squeezing her tightly before letting go and turning to my locker. She leaned against the one next to mine. "Soooo, there's two new boys here today. Twins, apparently!" She giggled. "I think they might be in our homeroom..."

"Are boys all you ever think about?" I asked, a smile tugging at my lips as I looked at her excited face. 

"Uh, duh."

Whoa, hold up for a minute here- I haven't even introduced myself. Hello, I'm Scarlet Hewett and I am seventeen years of age. I love puppies and hipster stuff. Now, moving on.

"well, I'm just saying, you really shouldn't be as obsessed as you are. A boy's going to give you a hard time one day, and then you'll have to come running back to me."

"And you'll be there with ice-cream and chick flicks?"

I beamed at her. "You know it."

I sort of had a no-dating policy. That way, I couldn't get hurt. Smart, right? "Anyway, I found these totally adorable shoes... Chloe!" 

My friend was staring at something just beyond my left shoulder, her mouth open and her dark eyes wide in admiration. I turned on my heel, and I'm pretty sure my expression was exactly the same as hers. A space had cleared down the center of the hallway, and a boy was walking down the middle- it wasn't even exactly a boy, he was more like a god. Dark brown curls, bright eyes, he was wearing a leather jacket, skinny jeans and a button-up black shirt. 

"Hello, bad boy..." Chloe murmured behind me. Every eye in the hallway was fixed on the boy- he had a sort of aura about him that made people watch- and no one noticed the person following along behind him. But I did. He was the same height as the boy, but he was stooped over as if he was carrying a ton of weight on his back. He was wearing a tan sweater vest- the choice of clothing actually made me wince- and simple trousers. He was wearing big oversized glasses and his hair was brushed back, but he had to be related to the other boy. They had the same eyes, I could see that even from where I was standing. Green, bright green, like emeralds. They were eye-catching...

Soon enough the boys had passed and the hallway had got back to its bustling morning pace. 

"Holy shit." Chloe gasped as I closed my locker door. "Holy shit, Scar! They're in our class!"

She, being Chloe, had continued watching the boys long after everyone else had stopped, and I turned around just in time to see them disappear into English 3- our registration room. I groaned inwardly. I'd have to deal with Chloe flirting with- well, if not both of them, then definitely Leather Boy. I forced a smile for her, though. I was always the wingwoman, and it suited me just fine. "Let's go get you some boys." I hooked my arm around my best friend's neck, and, giggling wildly, we walked into our homeroom.

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