Scarlet Hewitt has been in this school for three years (one more year to graduation, baby!) without too many incidents- but when twin brothers turn up in her senior year, things might get a little crazy...


4. Four

Marcel had the weirdest way of eating. He was like a bird, tearing pieces of bread off the nibbling them delicately. It was almost hypnotizing.

Chloe had her elbow resting on the table, chatting to Harry cheerfully. She was having a great time but he was barely answering, only grunting every so often and looking everywhere but at her.

She was dying a slow, painful death so I did what any friend would do- I saved her.

"So, Harry," I began and his eyes focused on me as his lips tugged into a smirk. "What brings you to the hallowed halls of Ye Olde Sunning High?"

There was a spluttering noise and then a high-pitched squeaking. The table turned to Marcel, who had his hands clapped over his mouth and was shaking in laughter. "That was funny!"

Harry had a sneer on his face as he turned back to me. What an asshole, I thought.

"Marcel," he put as much scorn into the name as he could, "and me-"

"And I." Marcel corrected. He's stopped laughing and was nibbling away at a ginger biscuit, his glasses slipping halfway down his nose. Seeing the look of venom on Harry's face, he went pale. "Sorry."

"As I was saying," Harry spoke slowly, as if he had all the time in the world. His voice was husky, Chloe would describe it as 'sexy', but I knew he probably worked on it to make it sound that way. His green eyes were focused solely on me, which was sort of terrifying but enrapturing at the same time. "We did live on the West Coast, like, but then out parents split and we moved to Baltimore with his mom."

"She's your mom too!" Marcel's voice went even higher and he could easily be heard over the bustle of the cafeteria. Everyone went quiet, staring at our table. 

Okay, quick confession here- I love confrontation. It gives me a rush. The weird thing is, I don't like it too much when it's happening between two other people. 

When Marcel shouted I jumped almost out of my seat- Chloe did likewise.

"Calm down, Marcel," Harry's voice was soft. It sent shivers down my spine and goosebumps raised on my arms. He sounded postively menacing. "Don't want to go crying to Mommy, do we?"

Their eyes locked, Harry's dark green on Marcel's emerald, and a silent conversation, a silent struggle, passed between them.

Marcel stood and ran away- literally ran, stumbling as he went.

Chloe was the first you laugh, and everyone except Harry and I joined. 

"God!" Chloe's eyes met mine as she giggled. "Awkward, much?"

I gave a noncommital grunt, my eyes following Marcel as he left the careteria. 

When they focused back on Harry, his gaze was on me. He was smirking ever so slightly, and seemed to be challenging me, daring me to go after Marcel.

So I took the challenge.

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