You Hide My Scars

This story is and always has been mine. I use to be on an instagram account called SeducedByCurly, that's where I posted the first half, and unfortunately wasn't able to finish writing due to our account being deleted for an unknown reason. I really loved writing this story, so my plan is to finish the unfinished. --- This story is about a teenage girl named Skylar who is madly in love with the hit UK band One Direction. She has always had her eye on Niall. When One Direction is performing at a fair coming to town, will unexpected meetings happen? Will Skylar's always drunken mother end everything for Skylar? Possibly her life? Lets find out.....


2. The Heart Crumbles

2:58 .. 2:59 .. It was only one more minute until the bell was supposed to ring, and send my feet soaring to the fair grounds, but waiting felt like a life time. My eyes shot open from the ringing of the 3:00 bell. It was time. I dashed out of my seat and headed straight for the fair grounds. When I finally got there, the line was humungous.

 Jamie finally found me, and could tell by the look on my face, that I was in great fear of not getting tickets. "Its gonna be okay," she said trying her best to comfort me, "I'm going to make sure you get your chance with Niall." I answered her with a quick nod, but I still have a great amount of doubt in my mind.

We talked about the odds, and what would happen if we ever got the boys of our dreams to notice us. Niall could get me away from my mother..

My day dreaming came to an end when the police guard stepped in front of the rest of the line, "Ladies, the tickets have now been sold out." The words echoed in my head over and over again. My eyes built up with waterfalls, and Jamie held me. "We are going to the concert. We are. Don't worry. I have a plan." I don't know what her plan is, but I am hoping majorly that it is a good one. My heart has started crumbling to pieces at that very moment, and I have no idea if I can be restored.

I walk home alone. I wouldn't want Jamie to get yelled at by my mother, I don't think I could take it. Its one thing happening to me, but seeing what she does to me, being done to someone else.. My tears haven't stopped the whole way home, and thinking about being stuck with my mother forever wasn't helping. I always had the thought in my head that Niall and I could get away, or I guess in this case, I could get away, but now that would never happen.

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