You Hide My Scars

This story is and always has been mine. I use to be on an instagram account called SeducedByCurly, that's where I posted the first half, and unfortunately wasn't able to finish writing due to our account being deleted for an unknown reason. I really loved writing this story, so my plan is to finish the unfinished. --- This story is about a teenage girl named Skylar who is madly in love with the hit UK band One Direction. She has always had her eye on Niall. When One Direction is performing at a fair coming to town, will unexpected meetings happen? Will Skylar's always drunken mother end everything for Skylar? Possibly her life? Lets find out.....


1. The Big News

"SKYLAR!" "SKYLAR!" I heard my mother screaming my name. Just hearing her voice seemed to put bruises on my delicate skin. "Skylar! I've been yelling for you! Do you not have ears? You're so worthless!" You could smell the alcohol on her breath as she yelled. She threw her beer can across my room, and collided her hand across my face. I hate being at home. My mother is an alcoholic and my dad, well.. he lives in Heaven.

I jumped when I heard a knock coming from the front door down stairs. It was Jamie, my best friend. she usually comes every morning to walk with me to school. I ran down stairs as fast as I could, hoping I could make it before she awoke from passing out once again. "So did you hear the announcement? Jamie asked. I looked at her with a confused face, wondering what she was talking about. "Our favorite band is playing at the Fair grounds this weekend! We have to go!" Suddenly my mind filled up with the memory of the five boys that always made me forget about the scars my mother kept on me. Louis, Liam, Harry, Zayn, and the one boy that just saying his name always brought chills down my spine. Niall.

Jamie and I are huge fans of One Direction, and this could be my chance, even if it's a one in a million, which it is, but one glimpse could change everything. Most likely I'm just like every other fangirl in the world, dreaming, and getting her hopes up. Writing fan fiction about the fantasies in our heads, and believing they love me even when they have not a clue in the world of who I am. I had to get tickets though. The only bad thing is they go on sale this afternoon and in my town there is plenty of girls just like me, in love, and willing to do anything for those tickets. This fair will be sold out quickly.

Jamie and I made a plan: after school, we are to run as fast as we can to the fair grounds. The tickets had to be ours....

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