You Hide My Scars

This story is and always has been mine. I use to be on an instagram account called SeducedByCurly, that's where I posted the first half, and unfortunately wasn't able to finish writing due to our account being deleted for an unknown reason. I really loved writing this story, so my plan is to finish the unfinished. --- This story is about a teenage girl named Skylar who is madly in love with the hit UK band One Direction. She has always had her eye on Niall. When One Direction is performing at a fair coming to town, will unexpected meetings happen? Will Skylar's always drunken mother end everything for Skylar? Possibly her life? Lets find out.....


3. A Change In Plans

It has been a couple days since the fair has been sold out, and the event takes place tomorrow. I needed to know Jamies plan, but my mother has kept me locked in my dark room. Thoughts keep occurring in my head, "What if Jamie never comes.." "What I'm stuck with my mother forever.." "What if.."

My thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a knock at my window. Each knock getting harder and faster as they were pounded against the hard glass. I start towards my window when I hear the voice of a boy, urging to scream through the glass, "Please! Hurry up, someone let me in!" I open the window, wondering if I made the right choice. The boy fumbles in, knocking me into my night stand, leaving my lamp to fall off and the bulb crack into a million pieces on my floor. I fall, my arm colliding against the glass. The sharp glass, sending excruciating pain to shoot through my arm, with the boy landing on top of me. The boy slides his body off mine, and grabs at my good arm to help me up. "I'm so sorry, love," he says, taking his jacket off to bandage my bad arm with. I almost start to blow up with questions, wanting this random person to get away from me, but a sharp bit of moonlight striped his face, and I knew who he was. I don't know how I didn't catch his Irish accent, but seeing the light on his face revealed the blue eyes and the bright blonde hair. Niall James Horan had climbed through my window, fell on top of me, made me cut my arm, and is now trying to apologize to me. Is this for real? His eyes locked on mine, and he started to back away as if I was a crazed fan about to attack him. "No, no," I tried to assure him, "I'm not like that. I mean I love your band, and you, but I wouldn't.." I broke off, when he started to come towards me again. He looked pretty convinced so I didn't try to continue. He started to explain his reasoning for being in my room so late at night, while bandaging my arm. "well, I was on me way back t' the hotel when paparazzi came out of no where, I had to go some where, so I climbed your fire escape. I'm really sorry, by the way." I smiled, speechlessly trying to tell him it was okay. We talked for what seemed like forever after that. I knew in the back of my head that if my mother was to hear, I'd be dead, but I couldn't bring myself to focus on that. We got to know each other so well in so little time. When the paparazzi finally gave up from trying to reach my window, Niall frowned a bit. "I better get going. You are a very lovely girl. Are you going to the fair tomorrow?" My constant smile turned down, and I replied. "I really wanted to, but the tickets were sold out." He looked at me with a disappointed face. "I'd really like to get to know you more than I do now. Lemme take you out sometime?" He said while pulling out two tickets from his wallet, "These were for my mother and father, but I could get them in easy by Paul. So, you take them to the fair, and as soon as its over, I'll tell you where our first date will be if you agree to go?" I looked into his eyes, "Of course. I'd love to go on a date with you. and thank yo..." I broke off as he leaned down to kissed my cheek. "No, thank you." He said, and disappeared into the dark, fall moonlight. I was left standing in my room with two tickets to the fair, a date with the love of my life, and the hope and confusion in my mind of trying to believe that this really happened.

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