A Dream Come True

Kara was an ordinary girl in high school. She wasn't popular and she stayed away form the people she knew would cause trouble. In school she hung round with her two best friends Katelyn an Vanessa (both girls). When she left school she done what most people done and moved into an apartment in London. Her two best friends came as well, they all lived in the same building but they were on different floors. One Saturday night they decided to go clubbing and enjoy them selves in a club called 'The pulse'. They heard that a lot of famous people go there including one direction who she adores, and so does her friends. They walked in and walked around. Kara spotted harry and she noticed him look at her too. They danced with each other and kissed. what else will happen?
there might some sexual scenes in the story to warn you guys,


22. Were going on tour

Kara's POV 

i loved shopping with harry today. He knows what girls like if that makes sense? If i was looking for some clothes, he would point some out, and i wouldn't mind them. We both brought lots of clothes and other stuff, and we thought we better get home before we spend to much money. 

Once we got home, we unpacked all of our stuff and sat down. I asked Harry what time his meeting was, and he said he had to leave in 5. 

"you can come if you want?" he said

"ok, shall we leave now?" 

"yeah why not!" then we got in his car, and drover to a very tall, building. It had lots of windows, and it was all dark colours. Once we got there, i saw perrie, eleanor, and Katelyn all sitting together. 

"i;m soo excited to go on tour with the boys! it's going to be so much fun i can't wait!." what? wait a minute, their going on tour! Harry didn't even tell me. 

"what, the boys are going on tour?" i asked 

"yeah, didn't Harry tell you?" katelyn asked confused

"urr.. no!" i said a bit mad that he didn't tell me.

He was still in a room talking,and within 5 minutes, he came out. Everyone was going back to their house, and me and Harry did the same. When we got home, i told Harry to go and sit on the couch. I joined him and i started talking. "Harry, why didn't you tell me you were going on tour? you should of told me! I am your girlfriend!" 

"i know you are Kara, but i just didn't know when to tell you, i was planning on doing it today, but i guess you already know...." he said. We both just kind of sat there in awkwardness. 

"so how long are you going to be gone for?" i asked breaking the silence. 

"quite a while. We are touring the uk, america and Australia, so it will be a long time!" he said sad. "i really want you to come with me, but i don't know if they'll let me. Katelyn, Eleanor and Perrie are already going!" wait what? katelyn's going and she didn't tell me? "don't worry Kara, your coming! don't think i'll leave you behind!" i was relived when he said that. I actually thought he was going go with everyone else and leave me. 

Harry's POV  

i'm glad i told her. Feels like a lot of weight and stress has been lifted off my shoulders. Katelyn was telling me that Kara has been sick a lot, and she hasn't been feeling to well. We have had 'it' a few times, but she couldn't get pregnant if we didn't use protection like once, could she? Oh god, what if she is? i mean, we both are old enough, but i don't know if i'm ready, you know with my career and everything. I would love to have a child though. But i dont know if she's actually pregnant, so i can stop thinking about it.

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