A Dream Come True

Kara was an ordinary girl in high school. She wasn't popular and she stayed away form the people she knew would cause trouble. In school she hung round with her two best friends Katelyn an Vanessa (both girls). When she left school she done what most people done and moved into an apartment in London. Her two best friends came as well, they all lived in the same building but they were on different floors. One Saturday night they decided to go clubbing and enjoy them selves in a club called 'The pulse'. They heard that a lot of famous people go there including one direction who she adores, and so does her friends. They walked in and walked around. Kara spotted harry and she noticed him look at her too. They danced with each other and kissed. what else will happen?
there might some sexual scenes in the story to warn you guys,


8. telling mum....

Kara's POV

I guess I didn't have to tell Katelyn, because she said she saw it all. The boys went to find Harry, so I called my mum and asked if she could pick us up. She came in like 15 minutes, and first we went to Katelyn's house to drop her off, then to mine.

The Journey home was basically me telling my mum about the whole night. From getting pulled on stage, Harry kissing me... you get it, right? well she didn't believe me, until I shown her the picture of me and Harry. She was really happy for me. She always knew harry was my favourite and I loved him to a million pieces. 

When we arrived at my house, I went straight into my room. I washed all my make up off, unpinned my hair, took my dress off, hung it up, and put my pj's on and climbed into bed. I snuggled into my bed shut my eyes and smiled, replaying the moment of me and Harry kissing in my head.

     This was by far, the best day of my life!

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