A Dream Come True

Kara was an ordinary girl in high school. She wasn't popular and she stayed away form the people she knew would cause trouble. In school she hung round with her two best friends Katelyn an Vanessa (both girls). When she left school she done what most people done and moved into an apartment in London. Her two best friends came as well, they all lived in the same building but they were on different floors. One Saturday night they decided to go clubbing and enjoy them selves in a club called 'The pulse'. They heard that a lot of famous people go there including one direction who she adores, and so does her friends. They walked in and walked around. Kara spotted harry and she noticed him look at her too. They danced with each other and kissed. what else will happen?
there might some sexual scenes in the story to warn you guys,


14. Please wake up.

kara's POV

 I opened my eyes, and everything was white. I was on concious. I tried waking up, and I couldn't, why? i saw a figure of a man. He looked similar to what my dad looked like, well from photos i seen. The figure came closer. It was my dad. He was telling me to wake up, because he hates seeing me like this. He was telling me that the people that love me, would be upset. I listened to what he said, and i tried to wake up. I couldn't, and I gave up, and closed my eyes. Maybe when i open my eyes in a bit i will be awake. In the real world....


Katelyn's POV

I was sitting at home on my couch, when my phone rang.. It was Harry. I didn't want to answer it but i did. 

"please come over to Kara's now, she's not waking up. Sh-sh-she cut. please come" Harry was Crying. He still, and always has loved her,but someone needs to tell Kara the real reason he slept wit that girl. I hung up without saying anything. I arrived at Kara's house, and shouted Harry;'s name. I heard his reply and went into Kara's room. My jaw dropped as i entered the room. Kara's face was white. She had two seep cuts on her wrist, and a lot of blood was coming out. Harry had a towel wrapped round her wrist, and he was resting his head on her stomach. She looked lifeless. Harry was crying. His eyes red, and he had tear stained cheeks. I rung the ambulance, and they came quickly. I wasn't sure who was going to go in the ambulance with kara. Harry said i could, but i know he wanted it more, so i let him. He passed me the keys for his car, and i followed the ambulance in his car. Thinking of Kara not waking up killed me inside, and i started feeling tears welling up in my eyes. They fell down my cheeks, and i quickly wiped them away. This is something i never wanted to happen. And i knew why she done it. It was because of Harry sleeping with that girl. But she doesn't know the whole story. 


Harry's POV

I couldn't stop the tears pouring from my cheeks. She was lying there lifeless, and her body was white. I needed to tell her the reason why i actually slept with that girl. I do regret it, but it saved my life and others. Sounds weird right? but it's true. 

We arrived at the hospital, and Kara got rushed into a room. I couldn't go in, but i wanted too. Katelyn soon came in, and sat by me. She was rubbing my back, telling me everything will be ok. I knew it would be, but i was torn inside. I know she cut because of me, and if she let me see her again, i would hate to look at the scars, and think she done that because of me, i caused it.

I hadn't realized how long i had been sitting at the hospital, maybe about 5-6 hours? I called the boys, and they came as soon as they could. Eleanor and Perrie came as well. I told them the real reason why i had to sleep with the girl, and they found it hard to understand, but they listened, and thankfully they weren't mad at me. The doctor came out and said my name. I looked up.

"is she ok?" i asked my lips trembling. 

"she's unconscious, but she will wake up soon. You may go and see her!" after he told me that i ran straight into the room. She had wires going all in different places, and a lot attached to her. She was breathing. Thank god. The other guys waited out side the room, and let me have time with her. 

"i know you are awake, and i don't know if you can hear me, but if you can, i want to say i love you. What happened that night was a mistake, but it saved a lot of lives. That may sound strange, but it's true. I never want or wanted to hurt you, and i love you millions, and that's the truth!" i said. By this point, i had tears falling down my cheeks. I heard a massive breath, and i saw Kara open her eyes slightly, and her mouth opened. She wasn't able to open her eyes fully, i told the doctor, and they done some tests. She could come home today if all the results are clear. They rest of the boys and girls, came in and stood around, (Some of them were sitting.). We all sat in silence, waiting for her eyes to fully open. We all watched her, and loads of tears started to fall down her cheeks, and i grabbed a tissue and wiped them.

Please open your eyes soon!

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