A Dream Come True

Kara was an ordinary girl in high school. She wasn't popular and she stayed away form the people she knew would cause trouble. In school she hung round with her two best friends Katelyn an Vanessa (both girls). When she left school she done what most people done and moved into an apartment in London. Her two best friends came as well, they all lived in the same building but they were on different floors. One Saturday night they decided to go clubbing and enjoy them selves in a club called 'The pulse'. They heard that a lot of famous people go there including one direction who she adores, and so does her friends. They walked in and walked around. Kara spotted harry and she noticed him look at her too. They danced with each other and kissed. what else will happen?
there might some sexual scenes in the story to warn you guys,


16. Finally going home

Kara's POV

A needle was placed in my arm, and i slowly watched as it started to empty. 

"when all the blood is gone, can you please come and tell me, and Mrs.Styles, can go home." the doctor said to harry and left. 

"i like the sound of Mrs, Styles" harry said and i smiled. 

"me too" i said. 

"maybe that will be you name in the future, and we can have children and have a happy family." Harry said. He was being so cute right now. I actually felt blessed that he wanted to marry me and have kids with me as well. He is a keeper haha.

" i can't wait to start a family with you Harry." i replied grinning 

" when we get married, maybe we can buy a new house, and live together till we grow old?" harry kind of asked, 

"sure! i never thought this would happen Harry. And i hope we grow old together. But we've got another 70 years too spend together" i said 

"and 30 years of that, will be lots of fun" harry smirked

"oh Harry, trust you. Just can't help your self can you?" i questioned laughing. 

"no i can't" he grinned. I guess all the blood had gone into me, because harry went to go and tell the doctor, and he told me i could go home. I got undressed out of the hospital gown, and put leggins, and Harry's T-shirt that he bought for me to wear. We were about to walk out of the hospital,and there was loads of paparazzi. Harry grabbed my hand, and he pulled me through the loud crowd. We got into Harry's car. I started listening to what the paparazzi were saying. 

Kara is a whore, cheat on her harry, break up with her, kara is a slut, is she dead, why was she in the hospital? 

I looked up and Harry, and he told me to ignore them. I did, but it was getting annoying. When Harry was driving away, He rolled the window down and stuck the middle finger up to the paparazzi. I started laughing and so did he. We went to my place, and my mum left a note saying: 

HI kara, 

                i heard what happened, and i hope you get better. I've gone to help your nan for the week, and i won't be home, and you will have the house to yourself for a week. Lloyd is on holiday with his girlfriend for 3 weeks, so have fun.. ;) try not to wreck the house.                                                                                                                                   love you loads - mum xx

I smiled and put the note back on the table. Harry wrapped his hands around my waist, and sat on the couch with me on his lap. we watched loads of Movies, and i eventually fell asleep, with my face resting on his chest. I felt him kiss me on the forehead. And i heard him whisper:

'Godnight babe! i love you!'

God i love this boy.

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