Stray thoughts

General thoughts of a cup half full person.


1. first steps

Sometimes it takes an act of sheer desperation on not wanting to see yourself in a certain light just to get you up in the morning. The simple action of just removing the cover and putting your feet on the ground and lifting your body off the bed seems insurmountable. It’s like leaving a safety net to meet an uncertain world just beyond the reach of that bed. Once you are off this bed decisions will have to be taken, things will have to be done and there might be people around to be seen and talk to.

That act of desperation can come in handy when a thousand thoughts are obscuring these four simple actions, because just maybe the one thought that comes through is; ‘I am stronger that this and I can do this!’  Just maybe the good is in the bad thoughts, that you are weak and nothing because sometimes you really just what to shut it up and the first step is to pull off the cover, put your feet on the ground and lift your body off the bed. Then you can look back at the bed and say to yourself, ‘I did this, and today I can even reach the door and walk out of the room.’


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