The Victor Episode 2: Jason Voorhees vs Slenderman

Battles can happen anywhere at anytime. 2 or more forces will collide and only one can be the Victor


1. Intro

It's a dark night in Camp Crystal Lake. 2 teenagers of age 17 each known as Mark and Lucy are making out right on the camp grounds in a cabin. Mark is pulling at Lucy's top and Lucy in a worried voice says" Baby do you think he is here? ". Mark responds with a simple "Who?" Lucy looking so nervous but yet still turned on by Marks advances "You know Jason. I mean this is where he stayed at. Is he here?" Mark looks a little annoyed and answers her calmly though "He isn't here. This place has been checked out and besides what serial killer would stay in the same place where he could be easily found?" Lucy looks a tad bit less worried but still says Yeah your right. I mean it would be stupid for him to stay here. After awhile the kissing and nibbling at the neck lead to more action and Mark would get on top of Lucy and say" You take my breath away." Just as he said that machete went through his back and came out his chest. The holder was none other than the man they said couldn't be there... Jason Voorhees!! The girls shriek can be heard throughout the camp grounds as Jason grabbed the machete out of Mark's back. At that moment Lucy grabs her phone and runs into the forest. Jason slowly follows her into the forest,not even increasing his pace to catch her. He knew it wouldn't be long before he could add her to the victim list. Lucy ran with all her might and once she believed she got far enough away from him she looked at her phone, dialed 911, and begged for the police to answer. "Hello what is your emergency?" said a voice of presumably a young male at the police station. Lucy started to scream HELP ME!!! HE'S COMING AFTER ME!!! HE IS GOING TO KILL ME!!! The male responded in a concerned voice " You need to calm down. Who is after you?" Lucy started to talk but then something weird happened the audio in the phone was messing up and it was starting to get static like. Both of them tried to talk but the same problem was going on. Eventually the phone died and Lucy worried about her being the next to die. She heard footsteps and began to run again at incredible speed but foolishly looked back to see if anyone was there. She tripped over a branch and came crashing down onto the leafy field. All of a sudden a storm came in and rain poured in and it only covered the tears in Lucy's eyes. She had sprained her ankle and was holding on to ,knowing she couldn't run no more.Then out of nowhere she sees a tall figure. She can't make out the face but it seems like he is wearing suit. Odd for today, especially under this weather but in her desperation she screamed HELP ME!!! repeatedly. No answer came from the figure but then as the thunder set in, booming loudly and with one flash the figure was gone. Fear was strong in her. Her mind was alert and imagining all the worst scenarios that could happen. She felt herself getting sick,.She started coughing and vomiting. This was weird as she had been healthy before. A nose bleed appeared on her. She was beyond traumatized and was going insane in fear. She layed down and started crying. A lighting strike was heard and as the flash came she seen the figure again right in front of her. He had no face as she observed and she knew she wasn't going to be getting help. A scream was heard for the last time before she was quieted... forever. 3 hours went by and Jason was looking through the forest. Jason may not be the most intelligent but even he knows it's strange that someone could get far like this. Jason cut through wet branches strongly and all of sudden he seen a woman's hand with rain dripping from it. He held his machete tight in his hand and got ready to do what he does best, but then as he got closer he seen the full picture. Lucy was dead. She was impaled onto a long tree branch sticking from the ground. Jason seen the body and in an emotionless manner shrugged. His job was done regardless. He lifted his machete in the air and thrashed it down which resulted in Lucy's decapitation. Just as Jason was about to leave a figure aka Slenderman appeared in the distance and Jason looked at it with soulless content. He walked towards it but then something weird happened. The figure phased out and phased in. Getting closer and closer. He was going in all directions and Jason not even scared just looked in those directions and turned. Slender then appeared right in front of Jason . It was clear this was going to be a battle of the ages. 

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