Keep Your Workers Close, Interns Closer

Marjorie Simon is about to take on the biggest work assignment of her life. Charleston Corp. has assigned her to take an internship at their rival company, Bevelton Enterprises. Her job? To spy on sales and ideas and report everything back to main headquarters.
Spying? Piece of cake! Marjorie has been eavesdropping and snooping around for as long as she can remember. But, things get complicated when she has to become a project assistant to Aiden Bevelton, interesting worker at Bevelton Enterprises and son of CEO Preston Bevelton.
A sparking office romance makes it harder and harder for Marjorie to live up to the fake intern identity that she has made up for herself. And what will Marjorie do when she finds out what Charleston Corp. is deciding to do with the information she's provided them? Has she turned into a little pawn in the corporate monster's game?


2. 2. A Scare, And a Possible Proposal

Early the next morning, I was awake. Fortunately, my previous night's drinks hadn't left any effect on my body, and I was ready to get on with my day. 

I could tell Kendra was already up - the smell of coffee wafted through the apartment, and the thuds of her heavy footsteps could be heard throughout the entire building, I was sure. The girl weighed less than me, but by the sound of her walking you could have assumed that she was a five hundred pound sumo wrestler. 

On a normal morning, I would have already gone out and said good morning and made breakfast for the both of us. We had acknowledged the fact that I was the better cook out of the two of us last year when Kendra tried to make french toast. Instead of getting my favorite breakfast treat when I woke up, our apartment was engulfed in smoke and we had to evacuate so the fire department could put out the fire.

But, I was extremely ticked off that morning. Usually I never stayed mad at Kendra for long, especially since I knew that what she was accusing me of was true more often than not. It upset me that she thought that I was acting like I was 18. 18 year olds don't get to go out until 2 and have drinks with people from the office, do they? They don't get to have American Express cards that they can use at any time they want, do they? I knew that that wasn't what Kendra had in mind when she said I was acting like a teenager again, but I didn't care. 

I, Marjorie Simon, was not acting like a teenager. Just because I went out and actually had fun with my life didn't make me a teenager. I mean, I had the right to enjoy myself after a long 12-hour day at work in a stuffy office environment. Besides, who cared what Kendra had to say? She could take her idiotic opinions and shove them where the sun didn't shine. 

The only reason I came to stop brooding over my tuss-up was because my phone rang. I looked at the caller id. Carter Charleston - my boss. I worked directly under him as an assistant. Not the kind of "assistant" that just runs and gets the boss lattes and tuna melts, but the kind of assistant that ran analyses, made sure he had his visuals for board meetings, and other related mini jobs.


Mr. Charleston cleared his throat. "Marjorie?"

"Yes, sir. Good morning Mr. Charleston."

"Why aren't you at work already? It's almost 10. You start the day at 9:40."

I looked at my alarm clock. It was 9:50. I swore under my breath, leaping out of bed. "Sorry, sir, I wasn't managing my time well. I'll be there in less than thirty minutes. I'm really, really, really apologetic."

He chuckled. "No need to grovel. But, you do need to be here soon. It's a big day today, and there's an offer up for you if you want it. But if you aren't here I'm afraid they're going to give it to someone else."

"No!" I shouted. "Sorry, I mean, uh, I'll definitely be there. Hold that offer please, sir."

"Be here in thirty minutes or its gone."

"Yes, sir," I said, hanging up. I quickly ran to the bathroom so I could at least look half decent for the day. 

Kendra was already in the bathroom. "Good morning, Marj. Aren't you up a little late? I mean, you're supposed to be at work-" she looked at the bathroom clock, "-now?"

I snorted and rolled my eyes, pushing past her to grab my toothbrush. "Wow, its not even ten and you've already got a Big Book of Scrutiny opened for me. Mind saving it for another time when I'll be willing to have a chat with Mother Ken?"

She groaned, storming out of the bathroom. "Why do I put up with you!" 

"Face it, hoe, you love me!" I shouted back. 

I pulled my brown hair back into a ponytail. My skin looked okay and my eyes didn't show any signs of being bloodshot from the night before. I just put a little eyeliner, mascara, and powder on and called it a day. 

It really wasn't a good day to wake up late AND have to worry about looking presentable for what my boss had called a "big day." While I searched for my most responsible looking ensemble, I pondered what the offer was that Mr. Charleston had briefly mentioned on the phone. I had worked at the company for almost two years, and the biggest offer they had given me was upgrading me from the tiny desk in front of Mr. Charleston's office to a slightly bigger cubicle space right around the corner from him. 

I settled on a modest black suit. "Later, Ken," I shouted mockingly on my way out the door. I didn't wait long enough to hear what daily inspiration she had for me. Probably the usual 'be responsible, don't speed, don't text and drive, make good choices' spiel I got more than enough of in high school and college. 

I climbed in my black Prius (that was clearly long overdue for a trip to the car wash and Tire Kingdom), and was speeding down the highway. My mind started wandering back to the offer that I apparently had eight minutes to hear or else it was no longer mine. I chuckled at the fact that I, Marj Simon, could actually be climbing the corporate ladder.

Well, to climb the corporate ladder, you actually had to be on the ladder, and I wasn't even sure if being an assistant could even count as being next to the ladder.

Once I reached Charleston Corp., I quickly parked my car and ran as fast as four inch Gucci heels allowed me. "Morning, Blanche," I waved to the front desk lady.

By the time I reached the 14th floor and stumbled into Charleston's office, I felt as if I'd run a 5k.

"With one minute to spare, Miss Simon."

I curtsied like a lowly peasant. That's what assistants were thought of in the corporate world anyways, right? "Sorry for the lateness. Big mistake on my part, sir."

He nodded curtly. "Have a seat." I sunk into the large leather chair in front of his looming desk. "Miss Simon, you've been a real delight to have as my assistant for the past two years. You've kept me organized and have made sure that I've had all my ducks in a row. I've really appreciated your efforts and work here."

My heart jolted almost to a complete stop. "Crap," I mumbled under my breath, almost about to have a full on coronary. "Please don't fire me. I know this is my second time being late in under a month, but I'm really sorry about that. This is honestly the best paying job I've had and I really enjoy being a part of this team. I'll do any job that you have for me, I just can't be fired! Please, please consider-"

Mr. Charleston was laughing. I couldn't possibly understand how a situation this embarrassing for someone could humor him so much. "Marjorie, calm down. I didn't call you in here to fire you. Are you kidding? You're probably one of the best assistants I've had in the past ten years!"

I blushed bright red. "Oh. Well... Thank you, uh, sir."

He stood, all 6 feet and six inches towering over me. "Follow me."



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