The Possibility of Dreams

There was something about her. Something magnetic. I was drawn to her like a moth to a light. Maybe it was her fearless personality, the way she was the first to jump into a pool of icy water. She didn't care what they said about her, she simply flipped them off and continued her day. She had a tattoo of a moon on her back, but she didn't like to show it off. And when she laughed, she radiated an energy unparalleled by any other girl I had ever met. She was beautiful.


3. Test Drive

After we finished eating the beignets, I ran upstairs to shower. No matter what, I couldn't help but smile throughout every action. I just couldn't believe what I got. It was incredible.

When I got out of the shower, I decided to leave my hair in it's natural waves. I was just too lazy to spend any extra time straightening or curling it. As for my face, I couldn't leave that unchanged. I whisked on some mascara and eyeliner, and a small bit of lip gloss, but that was it. I liked to leave it at the bare minimum.

I picked out some cute floral shorts and a tan tank top with an owl on it that showed off my tattoo. I beamed as I remembered it was legal now. Before returning downstairs, I slipped on some cute leather sandals. I gave myself a once over in the mirror, and I actually felt pretty. 

"Ooh, Don't you look hot!" Donna cooed as I hopped downstairs. I blushed and laughed quietly. 

I grabbed my keys from the counter and marveled at them in my fingers. They were mine.

"Let's go!!" Donna squealed, ushering me out the door and into the driveway.

I felt a rush of pleasure as I bent to unlock the driver's side, and then climbed into the smooth leather seats. I breathed in the smell of the brand new leather. 

The dashboard was exciting to look at. All the buttons and gadgets I could play with!

I folded my fingers around the steering wheel and let my feet find the pedals at the bottom. It was exciting to know that in a month, the newness of it would be gone and I would feel completely at home. My fingers would find their grooves made in the leather on the steering wheel and I would have a bunch of radio stations saved. It would really be mine then.

Donna plopped down on the passenger's side, grinning like an idiot. "Don't you love it?" She asked.

"It's great," I remarked, still in awe of everything I had. "Thank you."

"You're welcome, Baby doll," She said, leaning across to kiss me on the cheek. "Happy Birthday."

I put the key in the ignition and twisted it. A warm rumble sprung to life, like a dog wagging its tail up at its owner.

We lived in a little cabin in the woods, so we had quite a bit of privacy at home. Unfortunately, that also meant we were extremely excluded from the noisy activity of the town. It easily took me ten minutes just to get on a real paved road, without gravel and without trees swallowing the little car from all sides.

I didn't mind, though. Especially not today. I liked the uneven rocks and occasional pothole on the road. It made it feel more real.

When I finally did get out of the trees and into the sunlight, I was able to truly appreciate how amazing my car was. The tires rolled so smoothly and turned so gently.

All along the streets people were bustling about as usual, giving no thought to the idea that today was actually my eighteenth birthday, and I was just taking my brand new car for its first drive. Maybe it was a little narcissistic, but I was actually surprised they didn't react to any second-hand excitement flowing in steady waves from me and my car.

"Oh my God! Is that Seth?!" Donna squealed, almost leaping out of her seat to point at a boy sitting casually at a coffee shop, sipping from a painted mug. 

I let out a small yelp as the little car swerved slightly to the right. The car next to me honked loudly, but Donna just turned around and flipped them off. "Donna!" I sigh. "Don't do that!"

She at least had the decency to look slightly guilty. "I'm sorry," she said quickly. "But look! He's right there!"

I pull the car to a slow stop at the curb and turn to see if Dean is really there. Sure enough, there he is, with his mess of nutmeg brown hair, untidy and sticking up in unusual places. He sat alone, reading a book and occasionally taking a sip from his mug, which was designed with white snowflakes, even though it was only August.

Just then he looked up, and saw me watching him, with my even creepier aunt staring over my shoulder. His face brightened considerably, and he raised his hand in a small wave. I returned the gesture, smiling bashfully. "Don't," I muttered as Donna raised her hand to wave too.

Seth got up from his seat with a loud scraping noise I could hear from inside the car. As he made his way over, I rolled down the window, Donna squealing quietly behind me. "Hey, Asia," He said cheerfully. "New car?"

I nodded, sweeping my blonde waves out of my face. "I got it just this morning!" It was hard to keep the excitement from my voice. 

"Nice," He remarked, raising his eyebrows as he gave it a once-over. I waited for him to say Happy Birthday, but it didn't come. "What for?" was all I got.

"It's my eighteenth birthday," I sighed. I didn't want to tell him. I wanted him to remember for himself.

His face broke into an over-enthusiastic smile. "Happy Birthday!" He exclaimed. "Sorry I forgot to mention it."

"Oh, really?" I teased. "Sure you didn't just forget altogether?"

"No, no." I noticed him blushing ever so slightly. "I was just too distracted by your beauty, that's all."

Behind me, I heard a whimper from Donna. I smiled sheepishly as I felt the warmth spread to my cheeks. But I didn't let myself give in to his charm. "Right..." I responded, rolling my eyes.

"Fine. You got me. But in all fairness, you are too distracting for your own good." 

I blushed again, and had to turn down to that he wouldn't notice. 

"To make up for it," He said quickly, "Why don't I take you out for dinner? I mean- If you don't already have plans," He added, gesturing to Donna. 

I was speechless. Did Seth really just ask me out??

Thankfully I was saved when Donna butted in, uninvited. "No, we didn't have anything planned!"

Seth laughed, his brown eyes twinkling. "Great," He said. "See you tonight." He winked playfully at me and sauntered off back to his lonely table at he coffee shop.

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