Summer Love: Last Step

One life. One year. One month. One week. One day. One hour. One minute. One second. One Last Step! Chris thinks death is the only way out. Will she change her mind when one boy from the biggest boyband in the world saves her from ending herself. Does he save her from herself in time or is he too late!


1. Chapter 1

   Just one more step! Then it can all end. All my loss, abuse, abandonment, suffering, and pain! I can't take it anymore! I need to die! I want to die! I want to become the wind and bee happy again! Noone loves me here! Noone cares! Not even my own family! I mean that's why they left me isn't it? I hate them but I hate myself more for not being good enough.


    I just need one more step and it will all end! Though do I want it to? Do I want to die? Ending my life forever! I mean what if someone actually cared for me? What would happen to them? What if they hurt themselves 'cause of me? I can't let that happen! What if? What if? That is my main question. What if? Those two words are what's holding me back. What if?

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