One Week

--Short Story--


2. Chapter 1.

I woke up and sighed. Today was my first day as a one-week-fairy. Let me explain, we will be reborn one single time. But the first time you’ll be born, or as we call it: wake up, will be used to tell us what we need to do, with who we need to do it and how long we get. Because, there are also month-fairy’s, year-fairy’s and some are just normal fairy’s, some are even day-fairy’s but luckily they are scarce, because I think that it would suck to be one.

Last week, or the last time I woke up, I was in fairy-world. I stayed there a week and I concentrated to remember what I learned there. Catherina... I gulped. It was a girl, now, was I supposed to protect her, kill her or let her fall in love? Kill her. I sighed. I hated this, but what was her life compared to mine? It was the same, so my life for hers was a fair trade.

I got up and stretched my pretty pink/purple wings. My tiny jeans (yeah, what did you expect? A dress? Oh gosh, no way I’m not from a fairytale okay?!) I flew around town with my eyes closed, I was looking for Catherina and I did that with feeling, not with my eyes so, no need to keep them open and get those horrible bugs in my face. I ended up at a school. Oh please, don’t let her be a teeny-tiny girl, please not! Luckily, when I opened my eyes, I noticed she was a teenager. She stared out of the window, right at me and followed me with her eyes. I chuckled, she thought I was a butterfly, just like everyone else. Yeah, let me show you how this butterfly will ruin your life darling.

The horrible part of my personal quest was, that she needed to die, on the last day. So I could luckily calmly plan it, but it would take an entire week of looking at her, what I needed to do because of stupid rules, and waiting for the last couple of days.


(a/n Hope it's all clear now? Let me know what you think! Comment/like/fan)

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