When Percy Jackson changes my life

In the city of Manhattan, Sophia's life is so boring. There's nothing to do. Nothing interesting at all(or for her. Most girls in her school shop all the time.) It makes it hard for her in school because she has ADHD, and dyslexia. So she pretty much has failing grades now. But when Percy Jackson arrives at her door an tells her the news that will change her life, she finally thinks her life has a meaning after all. But being a demigod is very dangerous. That's why they must get to camp half-blood as soon as they can so she can be trained to protect herself...


6. Percy offers me a quest

Three weeks passed by in Camp Half-Blood and I loved it. It was fun training with Percy and trying new stuff. Most Fridays we played capture the flag and the sad part was I was always defense. The best activity I was good at was the volcano climb thing. Lava would spill and I would dodge it even though I didn't need to because when it touched my bare skin it didn't hurt at all. I got to know the people in my cabin. Jake, Nyssa, Harley, Shane, Christopher, and a lot of other people were working on this under ground sort of thing. My bunk bed was cool, though. It could fold out and I could do whatever I wanted with it. But most of my free time, I worked on the underground cabin. It was really cool, and most days I was covered in dirt. I didn't really have time to hang out with Percy, though. And I kind of felt bad, but he had other friends. I figured I could give him a lot of space. There were these cool tubes under ground that we would work on and Jake said we should have it half way done by the end of the summer. Then we would have to leave it be until the next summer. Don't get me wrong. I was pretty sad about my moms death. But all of this work is taking my mind off it. Nyssa once told me, "Percy went to the under world to go free his mom. Maybe you could do the same." Percy never told me he went to the under world before. But I hadn't talked to him much. I would ask him later. Cabin nine would always be late to dinner because we would have to clean up from all the dirt. Sometimes we would just go to dinner without cleaning. During Capture the flag, I never saw Percy and eventually he didn't come look for me. I just headed back to the cabin with my half brothers and sisters. They were my best friends. We would make our own armor and weapons, but I never did stop using my sword. On the blade it said νίκη Which Jake told me it was "Victory" in Ancient Greek. One day at dinner, Percy told me to come sit with him. He said he had to talk. "But, we're not aloud at other cabins tables." I protested. "Not at dinner." Jake told me. I got up and followed him to the Poseidon table. "So." He said, taking a sip of his drink. "Long time no see." He said. "I've been hanging out with my half siblings." I said. "What have you been doing?" I asked. "Well, I've been thinking about one thing." He said. I gestured for him to go on. "Well, I'm going to go on a quest with Annabeth. Grovers getting his searchers license to find Pan. Will you come with me?" I can't believe it. Percy was offering me a quest. Every camper here had always wanted to go on a quest. "Of course, Percy!" He gestured for me to keep my voice down. "No one can really hear this conversation. Pack your bags and be ready to leave tomorrow. Kronos is gaining power again, Sophie. We have to stop Luke. That's the point." I gave him a hug and sped walked to my table. Maybe I could go to the underworld and save my mom after all. But I knew a lot of monsters would be looking our way. This was going to be a dangerous quest.

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