When Percy Jackson changes my life

In the city of Manhattan, Sophia's life is so boring. There's nothing to do. Nothing interesting at all(or for her. Most girls in her school shop all the time.) It makes it hard for her in school because she has ADHD, and dyslexia. So she pretty much has failing grades now. But when Percy Jackson arrives at her door an tells her the news that will change her life, she finally thinks her life has a meaning after all. But being a demigod is very dangerous. That's why they must get to camp half-blood as soon as they can so she can be trained to protect herself...


2. My toilet plunger becomes a weapon

"Mom! Get a knife!" I screamed. "What is it?" She asked. Suddenly the door shattered behind me. The thing was making its way toward us. My mom stood there in shock. "They've found you." She said. "Mom! What is that supposed to mean?" Instead of answering my question, she ran into the bathroom and tossed me the toilet plunger. "How is this supposed to help?" I screamed. She grabbed it from me and turned it upside down(gross.) the thing was a yard away from us. There was a switch and she flicked it. She tossed it to me. While it flew through the air, it became a two foot long sword. I caught it. It had a leather bound grip and was silver and bronze. I had no time to admire it, though. "Yeah, this could help." I said. I swung it at the thing. The monster twitched and turned. I pulled the sword out of its chest until finally it vanished into gold dust. "Whoa, mom what was that?" I asked in a more gentle tone. She grabbed my atrm and took my hands in hers. There was this worried look on her face. "Sophia. Do you know why I let you mess around fire?" She asked even though I'm sure that had nothing to do with what just happened. "What-mom!" She gripped my arms more tightly. "Sophie, this is about-your father." I stiffened. My father? "He's a-" she was cut off. "Sophia Sanders." I whipped around. There was a guy with black hair and bluish green eyes. He was holding a bronze looking sword. It said something in Ancient Greek that I looked at and somehow was able to understand it. The Greek words meant riptide. The girl on his right was blonde with not blue eyes, but startling gray eyes. She was holding a knife and her hair was braided into a French braid. The guy on her right had crutches and he wore a t-shirt that said Camp Half-Blood on it. He had curly hair. "Who-who are you?" I asked. I gripped the sword my mother gave me tighter. "I'm Percy Jackson. This is Annabeth Chase, and this is Grover Underwood." I swear I've never heard of them before. I gave them a confused look. Then I looked at my mom. She actually seemed to know  these guys, like she was...expecting it. "You have to go with them, Sophie. They will make you safe." I looked up at the three and gave them questioning glances. "Mom, I'm not leaving you here." I hear slithering. I knew it was only a matter of time before more monsters came and attacked us. "You have to. I can't be where your going. Percy-" a monster leaped at my mother. But this one was no snake. It had claws, the head of a woman and the body of a bird. I paid attention in class. This was a harpie. "Mom!" I screamed. "I love you, Sophia. Go with Percy." The claws around her waist vaporized her into simple gold dust. I stared at the pile. Then something boiled inside me. I sliced the harpie through with the sword. It winced and turned into dust. Then things got weirder than they already were. I could see the dust slowly and gradually forming hands and legs. "Let's go!" Annabeth grabbed my arm. Then things got even weirder. Grover started to take off his pants. "Whoa, what are you doing-" he threw his crutches over his shoulder as I stared at him in disbelief. "Your half donkey?" I asked. He adjusted his shirt. "I'm half goat." Percy took my arm. "There's no time to explain! We have to get to Camp Half-Blood!" Suddenly it started raining. Wonderful, I thought. "Annabeth!" He yelled over the rain. "The drachma!" She dug some coin out of her pocket. Then she threw it into the street. "Are you crazy?" I said to her. She smirked. Then the coolest thing happened. The coin melted into the street and a yellow taxi cab arrived. "Well, congradulations, Annabeth! You hailed your own cab!" I said sarcastically. "Just get in." She mumbled. There were three woman in the front of the cab. And they all had...one eye. And I mean all together they had on eye. I jumped back. "Give me the eye!" One of them said. "Annabeth Chase, what address?" A woman asked. "Camp Half-Blood." We jerked forward with so much speed, I hit my head on the back of the cab. That made me dizzy. "Where are we going?" I asked, holding my head in pain. "Camp Half-Blood. For you right now, that's the only safe place to be. You wouldn't have held much longer with those monsters on your back." Percy gave me a reassuring look. I held on to the back of the seat. "Why? What's wrong with me?" I asked. "It's hard to explain, Sophia. But I will when we get there." I was really thinking hard on what was wrong with me. "What time is it?" I asked. "2:00 am" I hadn't realized it was that late. My mom must've be vaporized an hour ago. How could time pass by that fast? We drove for about thirty minutes with the women in the front arguing over the eye. It was driving me crazy. I tried to keep my mind on something else other than my mom. Okay, events that have happened today. 1: a monster delivers me pizza. 2: my mom gets vaporized. I sighed. Finally, Annabeth said, "we're here." We jumped out of the cab. Then ran up a hill. Over the rain, I could see a yellow glow of a light. But that was like two miles away. Suddenly Percy became still. I turned around slowly. At first I saw nothing. Then I saw the figure running toward us. It had...a bull for a head and a mans body. I couldn't believe it. It was a "A Minotaur." Annabeth said behind me. I jumped. "Then lets go!" I said. "Don't be stupid! We can't out run this thing!" I stood still as the Minotaur charged for me. I had my sword ready. "It's back." Percy whispered.

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