When Percy Jackson changes my life

In the city of Manhattan, Sophia's life is so boring. There's nothing to do. Nothing interesting at all(or for her. Most girls in her school shop all the time.) It makes it hard for her in school because she has ADHD, and dyslexia. So she pretty much has failing grades now. But when Percy Jackson arrives at her door an tells her the news that will change her life, she finally thinks her life has a meaning after all. But being a demigod is very dangerous. That's why they must get to camp half-blood as soon as they can so she can be trained to protect herself...


4. My hair lights on fire

He looked down at his feet. "And who's your father?" I asked. "My dad is Poseidon. The god of the sea." That was so cool. I wondered who my dad is. We walked in silence for a bit. It was I little awkward. "Are you the only one in your cabin?" I asked, looking around. The cabins formed a U around the whole camp. One was red and had a boars head on the front. Rock music was blasting from it and Girls and guys were fighting and arm wrestling. There was another cabin that had vines going around it. Flowers were planted on the roof which looked like it was made of dirt. It looked like a garden. There was another cabin that had a whole bunch of flowers. The cabin was clean, but there was no one in there. The beds were mad and it looked really nice. "Yeah." Percy said. "I had a half brother who stayed with me a bit before he went to work with my dad. He's a cyclops and can breathe under the sea. So can I." We arrived at the 'big house' as Percy called it. "This is bizarre, Percy. My life will be a whole lot more interesting now." We ran up the steps. Grover was sitting in a chair. There was a man in a wheel chair and another sitting right in front of him, focused on his card game. Grover sat there, looking up at us and smiled a little nervously. The guy in the wheel chair followed his gaze. "You must be Sophia. I'm Chiron. And welcome to camp Half-Blood." He was about to explain, "Don't worry. Percy already told me about it." I was looking at the card game they were playing. "This is Mr. D." Chiron said. The man sitting across from him didn't look up. "Are you playing Pinochle?" I asked. Mr. D looked up at me. "Yes, child. As young as you are, how did you know?" I suddenly disliked the guy. He used a tone with me I didn't like too much. "My mother taught me to play-" there was a horn. Everyone stopped what they were doing and walked toward a building. "That's the dinner horn. Come on, Sophia. Lets go." He took my hand and we walked to what seemed like the dining hall. 

There was barbecue for dinner and these cups that refilled on any drink you wanted. It was so good and the food was amazing. Before I took a bit, I saw everyone get up and throw a portion of their food into the fire. "Uh, Percy? What are they doing?" Percy got up as well. "Our offerings to the gods. They like the smell." I couldn't imagine anyone liking the smell of burning food, but I threw a portion of my food into the fireplace when we got there. I sniffed the air. It smelled like chocolate chip cookies, brownies, and other stuff that smelled good. I then realized why they liked the smell. We made our way back to the table. I took a sip of my coke, then realized there was a candle in the middle of the table. I reached my hand out. Then something really weird happened. My finger went through the flame. Like, literally. I didn't feel I thing. "Percy..." He was looking at me, but not directly at me. At the top of my head. His eyes widened. "Sophia...your hair looks like its...on fire." I pulled my hand out of the flame. "What?!" Everyone's attention was towards me. They looked at me in shock. I then caught a glimpse of myself in my drinks reflection. It did look like my hair was on fire. But it was just a symbol that had a hammer that was burning. "All hail Sophia." Chiron said. "Daughter of Hephaestus. God of Blacksmiths and forges." I looked at Percy who was grinning widely. Then the symbol on my head began to fade away.

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