When Percy Jackson changes my life

In the city of Manhattan, Sophia's life is so boring. There's nothing to do. Nothing interesting at all(or for her. Most girls in her school shop all the time.) It makes it hard for her in school because she has ADHD, and dyslexia. So she pretty much has failing grades now. But when Percy Jackson arrives at her door an tells her the news that will change her life, she finally thinks her life has a meaning after all. But being a demigod is very dangerous. That's why they must get to camp half-blood as soon as they can so she can be trained to protect herself...


5. My clothes weight a little more than I expected

Since last night, I was stared at for a bit. People would point at me and say things I couldn't make out. A few people said I was the prettiest in my cabin. "If you hadn't been claimed," Percy tells me. "Then you would have to be squished inside cabin 11, where kids that don't get claimed go. Trust me, there's a lot. You'll have a hard time finding a spot on the floor. I can't wait for capture the flag. Every Friday. I want you on my team." I couldn't help but smile. Today, Percy would teach me sword fighting. That's where I was headed to right now. I was still settling in with my cabin mates. So I would have to be showed around a bit. But I made my way to Percy, with my sword in hand. "Hey, Sophie!" He called, waving his hand. I ran up to him. "How are you settling in? Okay?" I nodded. "I brought my sword. It used to be a toilet plunger, but in times of need, when can I change it back?" I asked. He laughed. "Well, lets see what we have here." He held out his hand and I pressed the sword handle in it. "Hmm." He looked at the handle. He twisted one of the leather binds and it switch into a knife. "Whoa!" He said. He twisted another one and it was a golden machete. Then it switch back into the toilet plunger. Then it switched back into the sword. "That's so cool. I think your dad wanted you to have that." He said. "But lets. Stick with the sword for now okay?" I nodded. We practiced for about 5 hours and I was really good. But no where near as good as Percy. My blade never touched him, and he was careful not to touch me. "Capture the flag after dinner tomorrow!" Percy called. "Okay, Percy!" I flashed him a smile and ran back into the cabin for dinner.

*the next day 6:00 pm.*

 "uh, Percy?" I asked, while he adjusted my armor. "Hmm?" He said. "This armor weighs like a    

   ton." He laughed. "It's supposed to be like that." He said, putting my arm guard on. "You'll ge

t used to it." He handed me a helmet with a blue plume on top. "I want you on defense,

defending the flag." He said. "I'll be on offense, doing the opposite." I pouted. Then I walked

to my position. Everyone on our team had their positions. They were up and ready, but I was

sunken down by this armor. I hoped nobody expected me to run fast. The armor I had on made

me a million more times than what I weighed. I put my helmet on and tried to keep my shield

and sword up, trying to fit in with the rest of the family. But I couldn't. Percy yelled "CHARGE!" And we ran. I was at the back of the line almost instantly, keeping up my sword. This was going to be a long game of capture the flag. Some camper came up to me and attacked. I blocked with my arm guard and pushed him back. I kicked him in the chest and gave him a huge gash down the side of his arm. He ran back to his people. The armor was starting to lighten up and I could run faster. I climbed a tree within a good distance between the flag and I and guarded it. I fought a few campers and held out until someone from our team ran with the other teams flag. We all cheered and Percy gave him a knuckle bump. I stayed in my tree though, because it was funny watching Percy look for me. And he was right below me. 

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