When Percy Jackson changes my life

In the city of Manhattan, Sophia's life is so boring. There's nothing to do. Nothing interesting at all(or for her. Most girls in her school shop all the time.) It makes it hard for her in school because she has ADHD, and dyslexia. So she pretty much has failing grades now. But when Percy Jackson arrives at her door an tells her the news that will change her life, she finally thinks her life has a meaning after all. But being a demigod is very dangerous. That's why they must get to camp half-blood as soon as they can so she can be trained to protect herself...


1. A monster delivers me pizza

A/N I own none of Rick Riordan's fabulous characters from the series Percy Jackson and the Olympians except Sophia:)

"Sophia!" My mother called me. "I'm busy! Order some pizza!" I sighed and walked down the steps with a slouched back. I had nothing to do, as usual. You might say girls my age would go shopping. But I hated shopping. And I was thirteen years old. I was more interested in building things. Like remote control cars with spare parts and I liked being around fire. Although most moms would tell her child to stay away from it, my mom didn't care. She acted as if it was completely normal for me. I was able to fix the pipes in the bathroom by myself last year. You may be wondering where my dad is. He left my mom right after I was born. I wish I could see him. Once. My mom never really liked to talk about him much. So I just stopped bothering her about it. Since I was dyslexic, I had the hardest time in school. In the past, I got kicked out of a few schools. One time there was this lab experiment having to do with lighting copper on fire. I didn't follow the "lab rules" and the table lit up on fire, spreading all around the room. That day there was not a fire drill, but an actual fire. I got expelled immediately. Then, there was this other time I accidentally brought a lighter on the bus and the seat in front of me was removed the next day right after I got expelled. And there was this other time-well, you get the point. I punched the pizza delivery number on the phone, and ordered a pepperoni pizza. The guy said that he'd be there in about thirty minutes. I hung up and slumped on the couch, picking up a book even though it was useless. The words circled around my brain and around the page. What should have been Greek Mythology, was Gerek Mthyogoly. Tried hard as I could to understand what the words meant, but it was useless. My mother was typing on her computer. She looked up once, then looked back to the screen. The doorbell rang, and I opened it, receiving the pizza from him. There was something odd about this dude. His voice sounded like a snakes. But he looked like a normal person. "I'll go get the credit card..." I said. "Yesss." He said. It sounded like he was hissing. I was taken aback. "Are you okay...?" I asked. He nodded. I gave him one last glance before I went to get the money. I came back with a ten, but he wasn't at the door. He was on top of it. "What the heck?" I said. Then I looked at his body. He was part snake and part human. I ran into the house, screaming at my mom to get a knife. 

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