Wedding Day<3

This story is about were two people were get married


7. When we arrived back at home

    Becky's POV  Finally we arrived back home, I couldn't wait until i had my own bed ,There beds are not COMFY at all. My mum and dad and Abbey were glad to be back home too . Next year please hope that i don't hurt my feet again. Anyway were back home safe. That day we went shopping and i saw my Friend Caitlin. So i asked my mum can she give me some money so we can go and watch ONE DIRECTION THIS IS US And To go the buffet place. And she gave me £200 Pound I hugged her and said thank you mum . So My and my Bff Caitlin set of for the Cinema's And we was watching One direction this is us for 2 Hours . Then after it finished We set off to the Buffet place. It was fit!. We Bumped into my mum and she said did you two in in joy it and we both said more than that we LOVED it . That Night me and Caitlin had a sleep over witch was fun we watched One direction Tour Movie on DVD. In the morning we got up had breakfast got changed and set off to Caitlin's House for a bit. After that we went to the swimming baths and Caitlin's Mum Dropped us of there. We arrived there paid,got changed and both then jumped into the pool.We were in the pool for 2 Hours Then we jumped out , got changed and then waited for Caitlin's mum to pick us both up again.After we arrived home me and Caitlin went to my house and then my mum made us some tea.Then Caitlin had to go home so my mum gave her a lift home so she could get ready for tomorrow for a trip to Liverpool buy some stuff and then get dinner , and come home .



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