Wedding Day<3

This story is about were two people were get married


5. When we arrived at spain

Abby's POV


Finally we arrived at Spain. This woman called Andrea shown use around our Villa. The Villa was quit big.As we went outside it was roasting hot.Abby jumped into the Cool swimming pool.My Mum Shouted at me and said Abby get out that pool  this minute.Abby said okay mum sorry . Mum said Abby what have i told you ? Abby replied To be polite not to mess about.So My mum,dad and Becky Went into the villa to unpack are bags.



Becky's POV


After we unpacked our bags. We all set off to the beach.The beach was only a 5 minute walk witch we didn't mind.At the beach it was roasting to hell so we  put are feet into the water but a crab bit me so we all had to phone a an ambulance.The very next moment I colapesd . Then the ambulance came.

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