Wedding Day<3

This story is about were two people were get married


1. The Big day

Finally the big day  has arrived .If been waiting  for the big day for ages so has my little sister Abby Its  Our Mums Wedding ! The Bridesmaids are called Abby(My sister) And Becky (Me). That Moment my mum came down stairs in her wedding dress it was so beautiful I tried not to cry but it didn't work .Then  My mum said Becky go and get Abby changed so i did and then i got changed myself as we came down stairs My mum said we looked Amazing. My Mums Dress was A Gypsy dress witch was beautiful .The wedding car came  the bridesmaids and the bride hopped into the car and sat  quietly until we got to the church.When we arrived at the church the church bells were ringing to tell everybody that there was a special occasion  going on today!

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