Wedding Day<3

This story is about were two people were get married


6. Hostpital

I woke up in this room with a bit of light over me shining in my eyes . I shouted Mum mum mum. But all i heard  was a doctor saying Sh sh sh. We are trying to relax you Becky.You have had an accident  on the beach While you was putting your feet in the water. A crab bit you and you Colapsed   so you will have to stay in Hostpital for a quit a long time to see what's up with  you.`Becky said I want to go and sit in the waiting room. When Becky went to sit in the waiting room she saw Rhinna. Becky couldnt belive it. She thought that she was daydreaming but she wansn't. Becky hoppeld To Rhianna and said Rhianna can i have your autograph and Rhianna said of course. Becky Said 'Thank You '. Then The doctor called Becky back in to the room. He said 'Your are free to go straight home'. You  will have to leave Spain tomorrow and ill pay for the next holiday okay ?. Rhianna

Said Yh okay. So that Afternoon they went Back to the villa and chilled It was roasting hot so Rhianna  Got into the pool and chilled for her foot to heel. Then Her and her family  packed there bags and got ready for bed.






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