Déjá Vu.

New college, new friends, new surroundings. Its all going well for Bonnie, when day ja vu hits her, will she cope?

Many thanks to Rish Bish ;)


19. 'Maybe it is me'

Bonnie's POV.

My eyes widened in confusion. Luke was a twin? Why didn't he tell me? I feel so embarrassed, I know nothing about him. Nothing.

"Oh... I'm a twin, didn't I tell you?" Luke said, as he rubbed the back of his neck. I shot him a glare. I was extremely annoyed about this. I feel like one of those girlfriends that know nothing about their boyfriends because they can't be bothered to listen.

He gave me a sorry look, its not like I'm going to forgive him.

"Hi Rhydian" Luke gave him a smile, which turned to a smirk, which turned to a big toothy grin. They both pulled into a big man hug.

I noticed that Rhydian had a chocolaty sort of brown hair, instead of Luke's blonde. I could tell its dyed though, because you could see the blonde in his roots. I rolled my eyes, still annoyed at Luke for not telling me that he had a fucking twin brother!

"Whoa, Luke who's the uptight bitch?" Rhydian chuckled, gesturing to me. Seriously? Uptight bitch? I heard Scottie laugh quietly, I ignored it.

"Great birthday surprise, Luke." I turned on my heel, marched off to the front door, opened it, ran out and slammed it shut. I ran off into the fields, not caring if I stood in shit. I just wanted to get away from here.

Luke's POV.

"You need to go say sorry to her." I told Rhydian, he had that guilty look on his face, like when a five year old has done something wrong.

"Its not him, its you, Luke." Michael piped up, correcting me.

"Shut up, Michael." I told him. Jealous cunt.

"Luke, its true." He continued.

"Shut the fuck up." I repeated.

"Luke--" I cut him off by shoving him into the wall. He didn't groan out in pain or anything. He just took it.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP, YOU DICK!" I spat, he showed no emotion, he stood his ground.

"Its true." He finished his sentence. I punched him in the stomach and he groaned in pain. Ron pushed me away from him and Scottie appeared at Michael's side.

"What the fuck Luke?" Ron spat, I didn't reply, I just pushed him away from me and ran upstairs into my old room.

I opened the door to my room, its still the same as the last time I was here. The walls were a creamy white, I had a double bed with normal white duvet covers, beside the bed was a bedside table with drawers on it. On top of that was a photo of the family on the farm, I had shelves on the wall opposite with all my stupid stuff and an oak wardrobe in the corner next to the big window, the window sill is really wide, so you would be able to sit on it.

I slammed the door shut and jumped down onto the bed. I laid my head back onto the pillow.

Maybe it is me...

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