Déjá Vu.

New college, new friends, new surroundings. Its all going well for Bonnie, when day ja vu hits her, will she cope?

Many thanks to Rish Bish ;)


2. Luke.

I looked up to see what had caused me to fall, oh great first fuck up of the day! A boy with dirty blonde hair and brown eyes was staring for a while until he opened his mouth to speak, "Oh, I'm so sorry, are you o--" I cut him off. "No, Its my fault, I wasn't looking wear I was going." I said quietly, whilst trying to lift myself from the ground. He put his hand out to help me up, I didn't hesitate and took it straight away. He lifted me up, to be honest, he's quite strong. "Are you hurt anywhere?" He asked politely, "No, I'm fine!" I lied, I hurt my back, it was aching badly! "If you say so! So, I've never seen you before, are you new?" He asked. "Er, yes, and I'm late on my first day, so if you don't mind, I need to go now." I said quite clearly and loudly, it took me a second to realize how harsh that sounded, I didn't bother to apologize, I couldn't afford for another mess up. I heard him sigh as I walked off into the building.


  I walked to my first lesson, science, which had already started. I opened the door and I felt every single eye in the room burning a whole through me. "May I help you?" A voice said at the front of the class, my attention turned towards the teacher, "Er, yes I'm in this class." I said as the teacher raised his eyebrow, "You must be the new girl! And your extremely late!" he raised his voice slightly "Any how, just sit over there in that empty space." He pointed towards the chair. I hurried towards it and sat down quietly. I noticed that the seat next to me was empty, but I carried on and listened to the teacher.


  The class door opened and the boy who I had bumped into today walked in, I realized why the seat next to me was empty. "What is it with people being late today?!" The teacher shouted. "Woops" The boy said, he came closer to me, I could tell on his face that he was slightly surprised by me sitting next to the spot he sat in. He pulled out the chair and he sat down gently. "I didn't catch your name." He whispered into my ear, "Bonnie" I whispered back into his. He was about to say something, but before he could the teacher said something "Oi! I'm teaching, you better listen Reynolds!" He shouted looking directly at the boy sitting next to me, I'm guessing that was his last name.


It was lunch, I lined up for which seemed like forever, I took an apple and a coffee and walked around the cafeteria. After a while, I saw the same boy from this morning jump in front of me, "Hey Bonnie! Er.. so I didn't tell you my name so... its Luke Reynolds, whats your last name? I don't think you've told me." I felt uncomfortable him asking me this, but I replied anyway. "Jones." I said quickly, "Well Bonnie Jones, would you like to sit with me and my friends?" He gestured over to where his friends were sitting, I glanced over for a second before answering "Sure, and also, I'm sorry if I sounded harsh this morning... I was just in a hurry." I felt really bad for what I said, so I thought this would be the best time to apologize.

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