Déjá Vu.

New college, new friends, new surroundings. Its all going well for Bonnie, when day ja vu hits her, will she cope?

Many thanks to Rish Bish ;)


3. Friendly Faces.

Bonnies POV.

Luke lead me to the table he was sitting at, I noticed a few people sitting around the table, they seemed happy. There were four guys, and about 3 girls. Luke pulled out a seat for me to sit in, "Thanks." I said quietly. "Guys, this Bonnie Jones, shes new here." Luke said, they all said hi to me and made me feel welcomed. "Bonnie, this is Jason." Luke said as he gestured towards Jason. I smiled politely and greeted him. He had jet black hair, and he had chocolate brown eyes. "And this is Michael." He gestured towards Michael, he smiled at me, I smiled back. Michael had strawberry blonde hair, he had a small frame and dreamy blue eyes. Luke gestured towards another boy, but before Luke could say anything, the boy cut him off, "I'm Scott! Everyone calls me Scottie though!" Scottie literally eagerly shouted, Scottie had brown hair swept to the side, he had emerald green eyes, I couldn't help but stare. I heard somebody cough, before realizing how long I was staring for, "Oh, and this is my girlfriend, Louisa!" Scottie said while wrapping his arms around her waist, I smiled at her and greeted her politely. She opened her mouth to speak to Scottie "Baby, I can introduce myself!" Her voice was as soft as an angel. She also had curly brown hair, and I was envying it so much! "Bonnie, this is Bronx! But everyone calls him Ron." Luke said. Ron smiled, so I smiled back politely. He had black long hair that covered his for head, he had a piercing on the left side of his bottom lip, and he wore a red snap back on his head. "And this is my girlfriend, Rebecca." Ron gestured towards a beautiful girl with long ginger hair. She had lovely blue eyes. She had perfect pink lips and a perfect figure. I smiled at her politely and greeted her. "And that's all!" Luke said as he smiled, I noticed the dimples show on his cheeks. I smiled back and continued eating.

Michaels POV.

Me and Bonnie started speaking for a while. Bonnie was amazing, everything about her turned me on. Her hair was amazing, she had told me that she always wanted curly hair, but her hair was perfect. She had perfect eyes, they were shiny and I caught myself lost in them for time to time. Her lips were pink and plush and her-- I quickly came out of my thoughts and turned towards Bonnie, her phone was ringing, she bent over to get her phone from her bag. As she bent over, her shirt slid up, and hip was revealed and-- Wait.. whats that? There was a huge scar across her hip, it was thick, and it looked quite painful. "What happened there?" I asked politely, she sat back up quickly. She covered her scar and she opened her mouth to talk but she just stuttered, "Er... that... Oh.. I um... I need to be somewhere.." She stood up grabbed her bag and slightly jogged off. What happened? I needed to know more, but I didn't want to push her.

Bonnies POV.

I ran out of the cafeteria. It was going fine until he asked me about my scar. I looked for somewhere to be alone, I ran to my first option, the girls toilets. Luckily no one else was there. I gripped onto the sink and looked into the mirror. This is all my fault. I shouldn't of been drinking, and I should of slowed down. If it wasn't for me he wouldn't be dead. My parents wouldn't of broken up. Before I knew it, tears were rolling down my face. Luckily I didn't put any make up on today. Suddenly the bell rang, It was the next lesson, English. I wiped my tears and headed out to the next lesson.

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