Hi my name's Delilah, I live in Homeless chapel and I have no friends... Yeah you heard me. None not one. It's sad but you get use to it. I head bad experiences with boyfriends so I don't want one not after what happened last time... What will happen when I meet happen will he fix me or will he just hurt me like everyone else. Read to find out.


1. Meet Delilah


Hey my names Delilah I'm 16 and I live with my mum who is never at home so I technically live alone. What makes my life sadder is that I have no friends. I use to be the most populate girl at school but... I don't want to talk about it. I have dark brown long hair and bangs, My eyes are dark electric  blue. Right now I'm getting ready for school and I put on a pair of light denim jeans and a white T shirt that says 'treat everyday like its your last' I grabbed an apple and walked to school. As I got to school I got lots of bad looks but I just ignored them. I walked to my locker and got my math books out 

"Mrs Delilah Jackson please come to the principles office." I groaned and walked to the office.  

 "Hello Sandy." I said with no emotion. Sandy is the principle who is basically like a second mum to me. 

 "Hey sweetie I thought you could show this young man around, this is Harry Styles. Where is his schedule I'll see you round." She waved us off. Harry had brown curly hair and emerald  green eyes. His arms hd tattoos all down them and he looked about 18. 

"Hey love you must be Delilah." His voice was deep and smooth. 

"Yeah and you're Harry?" I looked down at his schedule and he had every class with me besides art and math.  "I'll show you to your locker." We walked over to his locker which was next to mine. As we were walking ever there I got snickers from the jocks and barbies. I rolled my eyes and walked faster. 

"Do you usually get called a slut and whore?" Harry asked. 

"Sadly yes but You get use to it." I smiled up at him. I didn't realise he was so tall. 

"So how old are you Delilah?" 

"16 you?"

"18" just as I thought his voice was husky like it was scary but at the same time soft and I felt safe- no no no no no NO! I can't fall for another boy not with what happened last time. 

"here's your locker." I sighed . He smiled and put the books he didn't need in there. Just then the bell rang.

 "We better get going." He said and we walked to first period; English. English is my favourite.  

"So Delilah what on your mind." Harry looked mysterious like one of those bad boys. "Nothing much I don't really want to talk about it." I was really thinking of my dad. He's an army officer and he was 'MIA' or 'missing in action' every time I think of it I tear up but I can't cry. Not in front of Harry anyway. 


*Harry's POV* 


I know she's hiding something and I will find out.


 "Mrs chase this is Harry Styles he's a new student." Delilah spoke to who I'm guessing was Mrs Chase.  

"Hello dear take a seat next to Delilah she'll help you catch up.' I smiled and nodded. We headed down to the of the class room and the teacher had already started the lesson. As we were walking past one of the jocks he tripped her and lucky I caught her by the waist before she fell on her face.

"You ok?" I asked and she nodded.  I glared at the jack balling my fists to make my muscles grow. He looked he'll scared so I continued and sat down next to Delilah. She had her head in her hands and from what I could tell she was... Crying?

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