Hi my name's Delilah, I live in Homeless chapel and I have no friends... Yeah you heard me. None not one. It's sad but you get use to it. I head bad experiences with boyfriends so I don't want one not after what happened last time... What will happen when I meet happen will he fix me or will he just hurt me like everyone else. Read to find out.


2. I Get Punched in the Face

*Harry's POV*

I heard muffled sobs from her and even though I hardly new her it was heart breaking to watch.

"Delilah are you ok?" I whispered not wanting to disturb anyone. I rubbed her back and she shivered at my touch. I'm pretty sure we were suppose to be reading Shakespeare but I wasn't TOTALY paying attention. She mumbled something like 'no' or 'not really. This was becoming awkward and finally I wanted to that a teacher.

"Miss Jackson?" Mrs Chase asked.   "Everyone please read chapter 4." She walked up the aisle   Toward us the hole class was starring, and I mean the hole class. Some of the jocks started laughing saying how much of a wimp she was. I glared at them while making my muscles grow again. Now I don't want to brag but my muscles are pretty big. The stopped laughing and quickly started reading.

"Thank you mister Styles those jocks are.... How should I put this. Jerks." I nodded still rubbingDelilah's  back.

"Sweetie is this about your..." She trailed off but Delilah understood and replied with a nod. Mrs Chase put her hand on her shoulder.

" sweetie go out in the hall and calm down. Take Mister Styles with you." I've got to admit Mrs Chase was one of the most nicest teachers I've met. I stood up and walked Delilah out the door which was at the back of the class room. I shut the door once we got out the class and looked over at Delilah she was on her knees and her head in her hands. I cautiously put my arm around  her. She kind of jumped not expecting me to do that.            

"Love? Are you ok?" She. Looked up ith red puffy eyes and tear marks down her frecly cheeks. I helped her up and pulled her into a hug. It took a while but she hugged back and cried into my shirt.


*Delilah's POV*

I really missed my dad I haven't seen him in eight years he meant so much to me. I remember the necklace he gave me when he left and I'm still wearing it now


it was the middle of the night and all I could hear was the cars going by. I sat there for a while before I heard crying. I got up and pretended to look tired.  I walked into the lounge and saw me mum and dad hugging, mum was crying and dad was tearing up.

"W-what's going on?" They stopped and looked at me.

"hey baby girl, we've got bad news." Dad said. He let go of mum and walked over to me. The thing about my dad is that he was-is so strong so he could lift me up. He spun me round and pleased me on his hip. "Daddy has to go to work. So I won't be here for a while I'll come back though but I want you to have this." I was already crying and he bent down and got a box he opened it and there was a locket. " Open it" he said. I opened it and saw a picture of when I was  born. Dad was inhis army uniform and mum was holding me. We all. Looked so happy. Just then a car horn blew outside "I'll miss you baby girl" he said and dad left. That was the last memory I had of him.

*end of flashback*

Harry was now helping me up. What shocked me most is he pulled me in for a hug. I was to shocked for words. I than moved my arms around his body without even thinking and hugged him. I cried into his shirt for a while... Ok a long time but I was sad ok?

"Shh it's ok." He repeated in my ear and stroked my hair. I felt so safe in his arms. And that's one thing I haven't felt in a long time. After I stopped crying we pulled away and Harry smiled  down at me. He whiped the remaining tears from my face and looked in my electric blue eyes. "You better now?" He asked. I sniffed before answering.

"Yeah I-I guess so." The truth was I wasn't I was sad my dad might have died... I guess you don't know how that feels and from what I could tell he didn't believe me.

"No your not. Tell me." He had a concerned look on his face.

"A-alright I guess I'm not." I looked down I couldn't bare to look him in the eyes. A single tear trickled down my face and Harry lifted my head up and whiped the tear away.

"Hey if it's that bad don't tell me, but I would just like you to know that you can tell me anything and I would do anything for you." He looked dead serious but the last time a guy said that he ended up... Yeah not going to say anything.

"thank you Harry. But I'll tell you-" I didn't get time to finish before the bell rang. We pulled apart just before everyone came into the halls. Luckily no one suspected anything and just minded there own business.


the day went quickly and nothing had gone wrong... Never mind.

"hey there's the little whore! Where's daddy? Oh that's right he's dead." That was the school jock; mason. He's the one I hate the most... Along with his girlfriend Briana.  I looked down I was still really sad about that I haven't really talked all day and Harry notice I was still sad. I ignored Mason and kept on walking. Harry was in the bathroom and I was going to wait for him out side apparently he had something to tell me.

"Bitch don't ignore me!" Mason called from behind me and I turned around. Big mistake! I felt a huge pain in my right cheek and blood in my mouth. He punched me in the face. I fell to the floor with tears streaming down my face. Everyone started to crowd around and Mason jumped on my leg and I swear I heard a snap. I screamed as pain travelled up my body. Just then Harry pushed threw everyone. once he saw I was on the ground crying, clutching my leg and screaming he balled his fists and looked as angry as ever. He looked over at mason and walked up to his face.

"DID YOU DO THIS? YOU SON OF A BITCH!" Harry punched him in the face and raced over to me.

"Harry My-my-my leg I think its broken." He looked so angry I started to get scare.

"I'm taking you to the hospital." he picked me up bridal style and put me in his car. I was balling my eyes out. Harry put two fingers under my chin and made me look at him.

"Hey, hey, hey your going to be ok. Mason is just an ass hole ok. I swear tomorrow I'll kill him. but what ever he said don't listen. ok your amazing. I don't know why everyone hates you but I like you more than you know." He kissed my fore head and hugged me.


We had just got to the hospital and Harry was carrying me inside. I was taken straight for an X-ray and turns out my leg snapped in two places...yeah. Just then Harry walked in with doctor brown.

"So Delilah we're going to have to get your leg in a cast and you wont be ale to do much for about three months. I groaned. Three months? really?

"I'll go get the stuff while you guys catch up." Dr Brown smiled and left. I looked up Harry who looked really concerned which made me laugh.

"what?" He laughed.

"You look really concerned."

"I am. How's your leg. Can I see?" I was shocked no guy was ever that concerned for me. I was also embarrassed because I only had underwear on because they had to take my pants of so they could examine my leg. I took the blanket from the end of the bed and he realised I wasn't wearing pants. I didn't feel to unconfutable because he was my friend. My leg was blue, purple and red. It was disgusting to me and I felt a tear trickle down my face. Harry looked over at me and gave me a hug.

"Ok so I've got blue green red or black?" Dr Brown walked in with a trolley that had bandages on.

"Black please." I replied.

"Ok I'm going to need you to take the blanket off." I looked at Harry and slowly slipped the blanket off. I winced in pain as the doctor wrapped the bandage around my leg. I grabbed Harry's hand and squeezed it. He looked at me with apologetic eyes and watched as the doctor wrapped my leg with the black bandage.


We were walking out the door of the hospital and I did have my pants on now. I was unbelievable tired.

"Hey love wont your mum be worried its nine o'clock?" Harry asked.

"She's In America." I mumbled.

"How about you stay with me it's Friday and I'm not going anything this weekend." He said.

"No it's ok I don't want tot be a bother." I said.

"No I want you to stay with me plus you have to rest your leg ok." I nodded.

"We'll get clothes tomorrow lets go." I nodded and he lifted me into his car.

We talked for a while and then I started to close my eyes and then I was in complete darkness.

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